• These features have been longggg overdue.

    1. Why dont we have a simple search box at the top to search for anything?

    I have 40 plus plugins. Do you realize how long it takes to find a plugin I am looking for without a searchability?

    1. Also, for frequently used plugins, I would like an option to pin them at the top as a favorite or bookmark tab. So at the top left above or below dashboard there’s a new title called favorites/bookmarks. I click that and I can see all my favorite pinned items such as plugins, themes, settings, etc.
    2. Last thing, we need the ability to drag and drop plugin menu items into a folder. For example, I may have more than one contact form like contact form 7, ninajorms, quforms, etc.

    It would be nice to have the ability to create a folder called Contact Forms and store all my contact form plugins there. Same with woocommerce. There is like 10 different woocommerce plugins I have installed (abandoned checkout, sidecart, thank you page, etc.) If I can store all these distractions inside of a folder that would be a BIG GAME CHANGER!

    Thank you!

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  • I suggest you try this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-groups/

    You can also suggest new features by using WordPress Trac, which is a bug tracking, development, and ticketing software. All WordPress development progress is recorded on Trac.

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    thanks, I already have submitted my feature requests over at Trac.

    The plugin you recommended doesnt have a search capability.

    It seems like nowadays we need a plugin for everything on WordPress. Why cant WordPress just include everything we need from the getgo? They have been in business for what 20 years? So why do we have to rely on plugins for every minutia? I dont get it honestly.

    Every plugin you install comes with different code which poses more risk. Every plugin you install adds to the database (small or big) it dont matter. Every plugin you install can negatively affect page load speeds. Every plugin you install adds to more maintenance.

    Why does WordPress make things hard?

    Such a basic function (search bar) is still absent after 20 years?

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    Such a basic function (search bar) is still absent after 20 years?

    If there is one truism in the world it is this: search only sounds easy to people who are not attempting to implement it. It’s always been hard; it will always be hard. I’m sorry that’s the case.

    Why cant WordPress just include everything we need from the getgo?

    Because no one will ever agree what everything all users need is. That’s why WordPress is extensible via plugins. That’s by design.

    *Drinks coffee, so good.*

    The WordPress developers do not read this Requests forum and never have. Trac really is the best place to get their attention.

    If the trac ticket has not been picked up then that’s really all there is to it.

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