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  • As one solution, you should be able to remove the “Search Jobs” button that the 1.33 update adds by adding the following to your CSS via the admin back-end in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

    .search_submit {display:none}

    Hi @hastibe

    I am afraid, not getting your point. Both Search Jobs & Search both are WPJM coding, and we do nothing except some custom CSS for ux.
    So is this a bug or I can choose,which one I can kept.

    Hi @shuvashish — oh, I see: both buttons have the .search_submit class; WPJM didn’t have a “Search Jobs” button until 1.33.0, though, so I think the “Search” button must have been a part of your theme, and then the 1.33.0 WPJM update added the “Search Jobs” button, resulting in you having those two search buttons.

    If this is the case, this might be something that needs to be fixed by the author of your theme. Once WPJM support is able to chime in here, they may be able to provide a better answer, though.

    Hi @hastibe
    Great!! I will do that.
    One more question that the below mention update points are not getting by me. And I have not seen any changes for that. So can you help me where I will get these?

    1.Enhancement: Added submit button on job filter template for [jobs] shortcode to improve accessibility.
    Enhancement: Added option to show company logo on Featured Jobs widget.


    Hi @shuvashish — I might not be understanding you correctly, but regarding:

    1. The enhancement to add a submit button to the [jobs] shortcode is the extra “Search Jobs” button that you are seeing.

    2. I believe this adds the option to show the company logo on the jobs shown via this add-on: Embeddable Job Widget. I haven’t purchased this add-on, though, so I am not positive.

    Hi @hastibe
    Can I ask for Little more help?
    How Can I change Job Type with “Apply Job” here on the Job Listing?


    Instead of it saying “Full Time,” you want it to say “Apply Job”? Instead of “Apply Job,” it would read better if it said “Apply Here” or “Apply Now.” …You might be able to use WP Job Manager Field Editor to make a change like that, but I am really not sure, and I would advise further investigation with folks who are more familiar with WP Job Manager and your theme, first.

    HI @hastibe
    I have implemented your CSS tricks on my site but unfortunately it removes both “Search Jobs” & “Search” Button.


    @shuvashish — right, that’s because both buttons have the .search_submit class, so the code, .search_submit {display:none}, removes both buttons. You’ll have to contact your theme’s author for a fix, I believe.

    For your search bar issue see ‘Testing Instructions’ add that filter to your functions.php then just reset location of the original button with css. They basically copied Jobify in putting in a button as the WPJM search page loaded results without a button, the button is only for human satisfaction and not having one confused people. This is why you have 2 buttons doing the same now in 1.33, the jobify one and the wpjm one.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Thanks @dubaidogfish , that is exactly correct. Use add_filter( 'job_manager_job_filters_show_submit_button', '__return_false' ); to remove the extra search button.

    The double button is not a theme issue as I have a complete different theme as the other pages. It is a plugin error.

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