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  • Hi,
    Using Relevanssi plugin I cannot get relevant and accuracy result.
    For example I would like to get all the post with exact date like “24 October 2011”.
    I put in place the following parameters:
    1) In logical operator for search I have selected “AND3 meaning all the search terms,
    2) I deactivate the “OR3 when search fail,
    3) and no approximation
    I get accuracy results for posts containing “24 October 2011”,
    but also all post where either “24” or “October” or “2011” exist.
    Please could you tell me if it is possible with this plugin to get only accuracy result corresponding to the complete search term links by the “AND” operator.
    May be I don’t know to well parameter the plugin or there is some limit in the plugin or in the wordpress database..
    Thank you

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  • Does it work with other kinds of queries (not dates)? Or do all queries fail? Are you sure Relevanssi is enabled (not just active, but also producing the search results – that’s not necessarily the case even when the plugin is active)?

    Sorry but since this morning I have Internet problems.
    Yes I try for example with Jean Moulin.
    Results are: all posts with “Jean Moulin” which is correct but also all posts with “Jean” and all posts with “moulin”.
    When I try to search with the phrase “Jean Moulin” beetwen quotes of course it looks fine and it is correct.
    But for example for date with the phrase “8 October 1944” between quotes the results are all posts with “8 October 1944” but also “18 October 1944” or “28 October 1944” for example which is not accurate.

    Are you sure Relevanssi is active? That sort of AND queries should work, and they do work on my blogs with no problems.

    Yes it is active and all post has been indexed.
    I have I am using AND and not OR in the search parameters.
    Of course it works but as I said it doesn’t work when you have similar posts like for example:
    Post1 : date 16 october 2011
    Post2 : date 6 october 2011
    post3 : date 26 october 2011
    when you put the phrase “6 october 2011” you get all the three posts and not only the post2.

    Hello Msaari,
    Did you read my previous message ?
    Did you try to test with the three posts examples I gave ?
    Did you agree with me ?
    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry, no idea what’s wrong here.

    Did you get yourself the same search result with the three post examples ?

    Shall I consider that I am right when I say that the plugin doesn’t work properly ?

    Well, that’s not my experience, but yes, it seems to me it doesn’t do what you want it to do. I have been too busy with work to test this thoroughly.

    Thanks Msaari. I hope you will find time to check the behaviour of your plugin in order to find out why the search phrase give extended results and not restricted results.
    May I expect some feedback from you in this subject?

    Maybe when the Fall board game season is over, I will have enough spare time to check on this. Right now I’ll have to focus on other work.

    I will wait.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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