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    We would like to change some aspects of the search form without touching the plugin core:
    1. How can we add classes to the search button?
    2. How can we place the search string field at first place?
    3. Is it possible to wrap the taxonomy div’s in a parent container?
    4. How can we add an placeholder attribute to the search field?


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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    1. so far you can’t. But in the next release I will add a filter for this.

    2. There is a filter called, ‘awpqsf_form_top()’, actually you can put the button in this filter, but prevent two button showed at once, you will need to wait for the button filter in the next release.

    3. what do you mean the parent container? there are filter for each taxonomy output display type(radio, checkbox, dropdown). If you know how to use it, you can change the output of the field.

    4.No, you can’t.

    Great news!
    Looking forward for the updates.

    By container I meant:

    <div class="all-taxonomy-and-meta-fields-container">
    <div class="awpqsf_class taxdropdown-0">...</div>
    <div class="awpqsf_class taxdropdown-1">...</div>
    <div class="awpqsf_class taxdropdown-2">...</div>

    As you can see with “all-taxonomy-and-meta-fields-container” I’m looking for a container who contains all the defined meta and taxo searches.

    Plugin Author TC.K


    You got two action hook before and after each input – awpqsf_form_top() and awpqsf_form_bottom() . Use this action hook to add the container.

    add_action('awpqsf_form_top' , 'mycontainer');
    function mycontainer(){
    echo '<div class="all-taxonomy-and-meta-fields-container">';
    add_action('awpqsf_form_bottom' , 'mycontainerbottom');
    function mycontainerbottom(){
    echo '</div>';

    but I would like to exclude the keyword search field.
    Any way to achieve this?

    Plugin Author TC.K


    You can exclude the keyword search in form setting page.

    But i don’t want to exclude it completely, just from the container group I create with the action hooks.

    Plugin Author TC.K


    Well, i will add a filter for it on the next update.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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