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    Posted this in “themes” section earlier by mistake, so again:

    I noticed the other day that the ‘search’ function on my blog (WP 2.8.6, Carrington Blog 2.2 theme, is not working.

    I had recently migrated from another domain/directory/host provider, but 1) I think I finally worked out all the associated issues with that, and 2) I’m absolutely dead positive it was working on the new server prior to the upgrade to 2.8.6.

    It works fine and displays search results properly if the chosen search term returns no results, but if there are (or would be) any search hits it returns only a blank page (or only the header graphic if using Gears).

    Switching to the WP Default theme gets it running again just fine, and even re-installing WP and Carrington seems to have no effect.

    Any ideas where to start looking for a problem? I’m fresh out of ideas after wearing out the search engines it seems. I’m about to just go back to a Google CSE custom search page except I remember that being an even bigger pain in the neck to implement when I was running it for a while.

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  • Bump. Still can’t find anything that looks like it’s wrong, search is still broken. Ideas?

    Resolved, sort of. I woulda preferred the Carrington/WP search but couldn’t find anything worng that needed fixing to make it work so I went ahead and did Google CSE instead. Oh, well.

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