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  • Resolved FriedrichS


    Hi people,

    I would like to scroll my posts horizontally like in the second example here.

    To get them to align horizontally is easy enough:

    .post {

    Now the divs are aligned horizontally and the ones which do not fit are placed below. That is nice but not what i would like to have. All the post should be side by side and if they don’t fit in the containing div a scrollbar should appear at the bottom of the div, so i can scroll manually.

    I can of course make the div containing the posts very wide, but then the whole page is scrollable. Only the div containing the posts has to be scrollable. As far as i understand i have to accomplish that first. Than i can try to scroll by using the jQuery.SerialScroll jQuery plug in. (but maybe i am wrong?)

    any help would be great!

    thanks in advance, Friedrich

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