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    On all the posts, or just some?

    Just on some. Both H & V. When seen they occur consistently from then on in that post. About four seen so far. Resizing window makes no difference. This could be cool. If we can find out how it works we might be able to add it to our designs! TY allusion for your interest.

    Unless I’m mistaken…
    In your CSS file, apply the following to an appropriate selector:
    I use the above for the pre tag, but it looks like it’s being used on the post in this case…

    It seems to be a Mozilla-only thing. Just looked at this thread in Opera and IE and it doesn’t happen, but in Mozilla and Firefox there are two scrollbars on the top post. I am also getting a horizontal scroll on this textbox in 800×600, but I guess that’s because its former screen space is being eaten by the UGS.

    you forgot an anchor… sheesh

    It’s not a Moz/FB thing at all…Take a look at ihad’s example of a very long post in IE…I’m getting both H and V scrollbars (and H scrollbar in Opera, but the lack of V srollbar probably has to do with differences in sizing…) You *should* get the scrollbars in any browser that understands overflow:auto;

    solution wouldn’t work for people posting code. Parse errors galore.

    ah, but you could set code in it’s own <div> tag inside the text body and have just the code div scroll instead of the whole text body.
    or maybe just leave it as it is 🙂

    @tcervo: You’re right, ihad’s post does have scrollbars in other browsers beside Mozilla/FF, but Mozilla is producing them in some posts – like the one I mentioned – where other browsers don’t.
    The horizontal scrolls are an improvement on the previous behavior of overlapping the UGS but I wish there was some way of getting rid of the vertical ones for Mozilla users, since overflow-y doesn’t work for us.

    This Unidentified Screen Phenomena is really interesting. I am on FF downloaded on day one. Not sure what version that would be. I am seeing
    scrollbars in posts without block or pre formatted text or at least not apparently so. I can not find the css for the wp blog but if Matt is following his normal current thinking it must be fixed width. Hence pre and blocks + urli’s need to be dealt with somehow. What is wierd is the lack of identifiable consistency.

    CSS Spec:
    <pre>The behavior of the ‘auto’ value is user agent-dependent, but should cause a scrolling mechanism to be provided for overflowing boxes.</pre>
    Thats clear then.

    Note the user agent dependent bit guys.

    @ tcervo when you say you *should* get the scrollbars in any browser which understands scrollbars that would presumably limit our accessibility to css2 compliant browsers right? And would I be right in thinking that some very clever folks think the css reccomendation is in fact ambiguous about these scrollbars. Plus there are a whole mess of bugs in IE on Macs. And Opera 5.

    ihad: How about instead of a div, you use a pre? That’s what I use… However that still doesn’t fix the problem of long hyperlinks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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