• Hi there.
    I have a slider that is set to display 3 items at a time on desktop view. Currently it scrolls to display the next slide 1 at a time. Is there a way to increase this so it scrolls to the next 3 slides in one transition (i.e. displays first 3 slides, then the next 3 slides etc)?
    To complicate things I have the slider displaying only 1 at a time for mobile devices. Would it also be possible to have a separate instruction so it only progresses 1 at a time for mobile view?
    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author simonpedge


    Yes, I can understand that this would be quite a neat feature to have.

    But, unfortunately I have not come across a setting to do this within Owl Carousel 1.3.?
    which I have built Slide Anything on, nor in Owl Carousel 2, which I’m building the new Slide Anything Ver 2 on.

    I’m guessing that to achieve this you would have to use Owl Carousel events (http://www.landmarkmlp.com/js-plugin/owl.carousel/demos/custom.html) which can be called by JavaScript setInterval functions, but is outside the scope of the plugin at the moment. Of use another plugin that provides this advanced feature. It may be something I add in the future, but my requests and “to-do” list for this plugin is growing quickly 🙁

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