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  • Yes I do… Just spent half the night figuring it out…

    You will have to edit the main.css file, (path SHOULD be: wp-content/paraxe/assets/css/main.css)

    Open in your favorite editor, search for (without the quotes): “.parallax-zone“. About 2 lines below that (or next in line – depending upon your editor (I use Wordpad)) will be “overflow: scroll“. Change it to “overflow: auto” (didn’t check to see if you could/can leave blank).

    Next, just below (or next to) “.parallax-zone” is “.parallax-zone .parallax-item”. about 9 lines below you will again find: “overflow: scroll”. Again change to “overflow: auto”.

    Save your file, upload to your host and away you go. Don’t forget to flush your cache, (I use WP Super Cache – Clear all cache plugin – puts a very easily accessible button up on your menu bar, if you don’t already) or you will think the changes didn’t take for quite some time… or at least that’s what I spent most my time figuring out and throwing stuff while editing other stuff… uh, DUH!

    I hope this helps…

    Good Luck and happy designing!

    Oops, goofed on the path…

    the correct path is:


    Sorry about that…

    Thanks very much for your help. It also works with “overflow: hidden”.


    Just read that I need to switch back to Notepad for doing these edits…

    Not sure that it would make a difference unless I was starting from scratch, but opening and saving (not “save as”) shouldn’t be a problem (as far as I can tell…)

    Guess what, Yorick…

    The theme was updated today and the changes were lost… I guess we(I) need to write the developer and ask him to change it.


    Add the following to “Custom CSS”:

    .parallax-zone {
    overflow: auto;

    .parallax-zone .parallax-item {
    overflow: auto;

    Save it and that should override any update that is forthcoming.

    Dear Bill,

    I have not updated yet, but thanks for the warning. And for the hint.

    I have already informed the developer about our problem but I am still waiting for his answer.

    Best wishes


    Thank you so much for this solution, works great!

    Do you perhaps also know how to change the yellow colours? I cannot find them anywhere. My website is

    Thanks a dozen!


    Unknown which yellow you are referring to. Is it in the parallax box where on your home page it says “scroll down” or the page names or both?

    Either way, right click on the area you are concerned about, inspect element (for me, this works best with Chrome), then look for the CSS code in the right navigation window of the inspector (lots of “stuff” over there. You should eventually see a color selector circle – play with that (any changes made are temporary), and that will point you in the direction of custom code you may need to insert.

    Let me know if you need anymore help – I have to get ready to go to my “other job”.

    If you have trouble, let me know which area you are speaking of with as much detail as possible, and what color you prefer and I will see what I can do.

    Good Luck –




    Hi Bawdidy1,

    Wow, that’s a nice trick!! I found the color(s) immediately, however I haven’t found the color picker. I have placed this question as well in another threat and got some help from daftduke. Maybe we should close this threat in order to keep the page clean?

    Thanks very much for your help!!


    Thanks for the help. I had the same problem and it’s now fixed 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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