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  1. Jat91
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hello people! I am using the "NextGen" and the "Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form" Plugins in WordPress 2.8.4. This is the site (christina-richardson.absolutewebdev.com) I was trying to edit the css style sheets and change the default style sheets, but the changes never took hold. After some frustration, I realized that the Plugins were not writing the scripts and the css links for each Plugin into the head section. I manually added the links and scripts to the head section from another site that I made (james-wallpapers.absolutewebdev.com). This site uses an older version of wordpress (2.8.0). The Plugins now work correctly; however, the styles still can't be changed through the WordPress GUI. All files have proper write permissions. Also, the Plugins DO NOT work on my LocalHost either. I was wondering why the scripts are not being written to the head section for the plugins? I wrote the following comment designating the beginning what is not being written in the head section . . . . <!-- Not being written Beginning --> code <!-- Not being written End-->

    Thanks in advance

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