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  • Sorry for posting here, but the dedicated support forum doesn’t show a reaction and my question ( is almost a month old.

    There’s the question about used script handles and my suggestion to publish a list of script handles.


    A SEO guy from another company installed Speed Booster ( in one WordPress instance. It does many things but it specifically defers scripts and moves them to the footer.

    This had the effect of the Invisble reCaptcha not being run properly on the login form. Thus login into WP Admin wasn’t possible until plugin was deactivated via FTP.

    But in the plugin one can whitelist script handlers to NOT be defered and NOT be moved to the footer. For the Invisible reCaptcha on the regular login form the script handler was/is “google-invisible-recaptcha” (the handler used in wp_enqueue_script). I hope that helps others.

    However, since this WordPress also has WooCommerce, every login attempt as a customer, well basically everything one can set in Invisible reCaptcha options for WooCommerce, only gives “Your entry appears to be spam!”. In this case the script handler eludes me, can’t find it.

    Does anyone know the script handler and can let me know?
    Can I suggest publishing a list of the script handlers?

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