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  • Hi!

    I’d like to suggest an exception in Script Guard for the following error since it’s in WordPress core, possibly dependent on the PHP version, and other than appearing doesn’t seem to cause problems (it appears in my local testing install with DEBUG enabled):

    STRICT Error: [2048] Only variables should be passed by reference D:\\Site\\www\\wordpress\\wp-includes\\pomo\\mo.php on line 210

    I also noticed that when one clicks the button to go back from the translation screen back to the global view the window is usually positioned at the entry being translated since the link includes a #mo-list-{number} anchor. However, if there are script guard warnings the screen rolls to the top and I have to search again for the plugin I was working on in the list. It’d be nice if the script guard’s warning div appearing didn’t cause the screen to roll. It isn’t a serious problem if it only happens once or twice but when we’re doing multiple translations the whole day it can happen dozens of times, becoming a major disruption.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I will check this and handle it after reproduction.
    I’ve also planned to report this as new ticket at soon cause this leads at some providers to “white screen of death” if they run PHP >= 5.4 (always STRICT on) and kill the process by first occuring PHP error (locally reproduced with such a config).

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    Can’t reproduce it with Firefox. Do you are using a different browser?
    Does any script modify the page behavior permitted by guard (like wp-piwik, jetpack, wp-debug)?

    I’m using Chrome.

    In addition to the above strict warnings I also use the WordPress SEO plugin, which generates a warning about inserting the file ..../wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/js/wp-seo-admin-global.js.

    By the way, I guess this file is safe. It defines a function wpseo_setIgnore and just leaves it there:

    function wpseo_setIgnore( option, hide, nonce ) {, {
    			action: 'wpseo_set_ignore',
    			option: option,
    			_wpnonce: nonce
    		}, function(data) {
    			if (data) {

    Perhaps a candidate for white listing?

    Plugin Author codestyling


    Chrome has a scroll bug while inserting new content via ajax. It stops any build in scroll by location hashes and also doesn’t execute the scroll within the ajax call after insertion.
    The only workarround is a timeout scrolling during insertion to go arround that bug.

    I have to check the whitelisting of yoast plugin, thanks for hint about, I’m using the german similat plugin 🙂

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