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  • I just installed Alex King’s install of WP 1.2 with his plugins pre-installed. The website works just fine in FireFox but is showing all sorts of script errors when viewed in MSIE.
    Could someone confirm this for me? Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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  • I get the little yellow triangle, but I too see nothing obvious.
    One easily fixed – but not relevant in this case – error through validation ….
    There a few scripts running there, not just those from AK – try taking them out one at a time until you find the source ?

    Ah! Firefox to the rescue.
    Javascript Error: ‘slvShowNewIndicator is not defined’

    slvShowNewIndicator what does that do?

    Open my blog, and ‘View Source’, then try the same with yours. You are missing a chunk of js.

    Hmm, Looks like this is getting somewhere, podz,
    I looked at the index.php file that comes with th default installation. That didn’t have any of the javascript code that shows up in your blog.
    I am using 1.2_mingus.

    The js comes from AK..
    Here’s part of my index.php:
    <meta name="DC.title" content="~T2~" />
    <?php $wplastvisit_output = "javascript"; require('wp-content/plugins/wp-last-visit.php'); ?>

    That line of php generates all that scripting you can see.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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