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  • Hi, I don’t think this is really anything serious, but when I’m utilizing the admin panel (making changes to my template, editing posts, etc.), I sometimes see a script error in the status bar (for IE). The blog software works alright for me and all, but I’m a bit worried about the little warning sign that pops up once in a while. Then again, it only appears momentarily and usually goes away. I’m just sort of concerned that maybe something’s not working properly, and once I really get the hang of WP, I won’t be able to use a particular feature. Also, I don’t know if my installation might have had some flaws to cause this, though everything went smoothly when I did it…

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  • P.S. I think I figured out when the error occurs. Well, at least whenever I click on a textarea or input field (templates, options, profile view…), the warning appears, though it hasn’t amount to anything as far as I know. Also, I don’t know if this is just my browser being odd, but when I make changes to my template, the first character I type in the textarea window causes its dimension to suddenly change and a portion of the window is off the page– i.e. the width is suddenly 100 instead of 80 (and no, the horizontal scrollbar doesn’t work because it doesn’t scroll all the way to the end of the window at the right for some reason). As a result, I can’t see the last several characters of the coding for each line. I was wondering whether this might be a common error, or if it was just unique to my browser/installation. In either case, is there something I can or should do to fix it?
    And finally– while I’m at it 😉 –under the Edit Posts option, are all posts supposed to say “1 comment” after the time/date stamp, even though some have recieved more than one?

    You need to get the latest release candidate at where all those items are mostly fixed.

    Ok, thanks!

    Hmm… I just upgraded, but I don’t think they all went away.

    I tried installing and have the exact same error, so I installed the release candidate and still have the same problem. Any ideas? It does not happen on netscape or on IE for Mac, only seems to happen on IE on windows (i’m using version 6.0). Here’s what happens.
    In admin section, if i click on any text box it will show a little icon in IE explorer that shows a “error on page”. It happens in users.php, options.php, etc. The line number will change, but I’ve pasted the code that goes along with where the error occurs.
    for users.php:
    line: 50
    Char: 7
    error: ‘null’ is null or not an object
    code: 0
    URL: <insert url here>
    I checked line 50 of the source. Line 50 is the second to the last line below. I placed a <–THIS IS LINE 50 –> to show where it is
    function blurry() {
    if (!document.getElementById) return;
    var aInputs = document.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);
    for (var i = 0; i < aInputs.length; i++) {
    aInputs[i].onclick = function() {
    var inputColl = GetElementsWithClassName(‘input’,’valinp’);
    var rel = document.getElementById(‘rel’);
    var inputs = ”;
    for (i = 0; i < inputColl.length; i++) {
    if (inputColl[i].checked) {
    if (inputColl[i].value != ”) inputs += inputColl[i].value + ‘ ‘;
    inputs = inputs.substr(0,inputs.length – 1);
    rel.value = inputs; <— THIS IS LINE 50 –>
    I believe it is some sort of javascript on click error or something, but I don’t know java, can anyone help out? I’ve seen a few people with this error from doing some google searches, but no real definite answer. It seems to still work, just annoying 🙂

    I have the exact same problem. Can anyone figure out what is generating that javascript code? If I could find a file to fix it in, I could fix it, but I can’t find any file that actually contains that code. The only way I can see it is to debug when it gives me the error. Any ideas?

    This code is in the admin-header.php file. As far as I can tell, it is used for link relations (which do not occur on all pages). I am no javascript expert, but when I get time (hopefully by this weekend) I will come up with a solution and post it (if someone has not done so by then). I hope this helps out a bit.

    I’m getting that error as well, and I can’t do anything to the layout of my page because of it :(.

    Well, any updating through that client online, I mean. I can’t change any of my options either.

    Okay… I found a solution to my problems… I hope that it works for you!
    So, like I said before, the problem is in the admin-header.php file. There are two places that have the following line of code (look around line 114 and 128):
    This is what the line looks like:

    rel.value = inputs;

    Change it to this:

    if (rel != null) {
    rel.value = inputs;

    Now, all this does is check to see if the object ‘rel’ exists, if so, then populate it with the input values (as you can see when you are on the add/edit links page), otherwise skip the line.
    I hope that this helps everyone out (that is having the problem).

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    This fix has been committed to the CVS.

    good job wallflower!!! 😀
    rel.value = inputs;
    Change it to this:
    if (rel != null) {
    rel.value = inputs;
    take out the “}”

    But Can you tell me what does the function blurry do?
    I comment the following sentence.
    //window.onload = blurry;
    to disable the function of blurry.
    and it works well.
    so i wonder what the function blurry does?

    I got to know what the blurry really do.
    Just when we manager the following files.
    we need the function blurry to change the input area which id is ‘rel’.

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