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    Hi There.

    I’m attempting to change some footer content. It’s a bunch of links to other blogs on the internet and it came with the theme.

    Since however I have heavily modified the majority of the theme, I want to try and change this footer text but if I delete a piece of code or modify a link in the slightest the whole theme doesn’t load.

    It loads up then a split second after its loaded, it goes blank leaving only the background.
    I’m not damaging the code or anything, all I have to do is modify a link and the theme disappears.

    What’s the possibility of a script controlling this and how may I find it? I’ve checked the code but I can’t find anything.

    I also can’t link to the website as I’m running on localhost at the moment.

    OH. There also appears to be some kind of Google Analytics code in the footer also. What on earth?

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    The chances are that this is a rather spammy theme in which any attempt to edit the footer stops the entire theme in its tracks – deliberately. The offending script code may be in functions.php but could easily be anywhere in the theme.



    Hmm, Thanks for the information.

    That’s disappointing, I really spent some time on the theme. I searched all the themes’ files and can’t see anything related to the content and links in the footer file.



    Often that scripts are encrypted. May be plugins TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) or Exploit Scanner can help to find it.



    Thanks for the link to the exploit scanner! It scanned and directed me to an eval parameter in a Javascript file. I noticed it before but didn’t think it was anything serious as I don’t know Java.

    Unfortunately, the first half of the Jscript file is encrypted so I’m doing a search for the decryption key.



    Okay, I lied, it was just packed not encrypted. Anyway, there’s nothing in the file (using my general knowledge of all code) that suggests it’s stopping my theme from appearing when the footer is modified.

    This theme is ridiculous.



    This is php, and first file to search it is functions.php

    but could easily be anywhere in the theme.




    You could try this to stop the encoded data from being decoded by php. If you’re allowed to create php.ini files, this may or may not work. *WARNING* It could also cause other parts of your site to not work and only applies to the files in question.

    Put the following in notepad and save it as php.ini

    disable_functions = base64_decode

    Place the file in the root of your theme directory.

    You could also try to disable the eval function this way, but it would most likely disable your whole theme. There maybe some other functions that need to be disabled, but without seeing all of the php files, I could not tell you which other ones to try and disable.

    FYI – I do not permit any base64_decode functions in any of my sites and disabling this function is mandatory for security reasons.



    Nevermind guys, I managed to get it fixed.
    There was some JScript code within one of the theme files used to check if any of the links where the same.

    I contacted the creator of the theme, and nicely enough he sent me the original JS file and I replaced it.

    All works fine now.

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