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    I’ve searched thru the pages and its confounding me — but why is bytesforall trying 2 connect somewhere when I’m in the admin panel?

    WP 2.7+

    I searched every file and thought I’d removed all the extra code (including the comments) but its still trying to connect when I’m logged in as an admin and on the dashboard/admin panels.

    Where can I find this? I was thinking it might be an updater, but even so, I still cant find it.

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  • hmmmm… apparently this went to another forum other than the theme forum I had thought. I was looking at the atahualpa theme.

    Yes, it is checking whether you’re running the current version and will display a message if an update is available.

    You can always get another theme if you find that questionable or whatever, instead of creating a false rumor that I might have put malicious code in there (“why … trying 2 connect … all the extra code”).

    And since you mention the removal of “all the extra code”: GPL is not Public Domain, it is still a license, and copyright applies. Make sure you don’t remove the copyright notices in the source code.

    Yes, it is checking whether you’re running the current version and will display a message if an update is available.

    I like this theme a lot, it’s good design, and has a lot of tweakable options. I’ve considered donating to the project, because it’s easy to use and has a lot of good features.

    That being said, I’m also a bit concerned about the constant connections to within the admin panel.

    I understand the importance of keeping the theme up to date, but it connects every time I save an option for the theme. It makes my browser hang every time it connects, too–even though it’s just a local development server.

    How can I turn off the constant connections? Thanks for the help, and for the great theme.

    BytesForAll verified it was simply checking for an update and I have also since found the location, it only does that on theme-management screens and uses as little bandwidth as a handful of a few pings. Although I did find a way to disable the “auto update” option , I was keen to place my own comment in the line.

    Reason: I had made a lot of modifications to theme files that I couldnt find plugins for or Athupata options. Like changing bulleted appearance and small things like that, updating the theme erases all those changes.

    It’s a simple iFrame line in functions.php around line 216 in my version (v3.3.2).

    216  <table width="100%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tr><td valign
    ="middle" width="380"><h2 style="margin:0 30px 0 0; padding: 5px 0 5px
     0;"><?php echo $theme_name; ?> Theme Options</h2></td><td
     valign="middle"><!-- *****commented out iframe to disable
     update*** <iframe src="
    /update.php?theme=<?php echo $theme_name; ?>&version=<?php echo
     $theme_version; ?>" width="98%" height="40" scrolling="no"
     frameborder="0"></iframe> *****end comment**** --></td>
    217  </tr></table>

    No worries, copyright, credit, and licensing is still in there, hehe. I just took out the explanatory comments for areas I could easily identify… no biggie, just something I do with everything – field stripping it like an MRE pouch. While the GPL allows for modification under certain conditions, I think its reasonable for BFA to get the occasional ping – after all, If I had put that kind of massive effort into a project, I’d also like to know how many people were using it.

    Resolved as far as I’m concerned.

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