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  • We don’t really comment on the content of the blogs here. As for the look: the huge bold fonts in the post/article content area seem very odd… The fonts of the text are bigger than the post titles! Is that intentional?

    Doesn’t display that way in any of the six browsers I use to check it. Don’t understand that.


    I’m seeing it in Firefox.

    It looks like there may be a missing </div> tag somewhere on your theme’s index.php. Have you checked for that?

    The font in the content part is far too big. Reading three words per line is annoying.

    The statcounter counter looks awful. Change it, make it invisible; do something.

    The google ad could be better integrated. Actually, both these elements really stand out, in a bad way.

    All in all, the site confuses me, it doesn’t have an appearant structure and feels random. Especially the right column.

    I still like it though!


    You may be right about the </div> tag. I’m searching. I can’t understand why, on two different machines, my browsers didn’t display what you’re seeing, but I believe you.

    I think I found a few. How does the page display now?

    Page now validates for xhtml transitional, which I hope clears up any problems. Now to work on the CSS.

    Hi Scribbler, yes, it looks fine to me now. I have noticed that Firefox and IE treat missing <div> tags differently.

    I’d say that’s very appropriate for writing content. Very spacious and not detracting from the words. I’m working on something simplistic myself for the same reasons.

    Great job! :o)


    Thanks for alerting me to the problem and the cause, sonria. I really had no idea the page was displaying poorly. Damn those end tags!

    Thank you for the compliment, Ilione. To the extent that a writer can pretend to a design aesthetic, I wanted something clean, uncluttered, with white space and a basic color scheme. The red initial caps are meant to resemble rubrics, something I picked up from study of medieval books of hours. I’ve thought about switching to san-serif type because it’s nice and clean in electronic display, but I like the idea of a serif typeface as a link to classical print. Any opinions?

    Thanks again, everyone.

    nice template, simple and clean. about “size”, I’m checking your site with FF and IE, and it looks fine now. the feeling for me is: “well organized” content 🙂 Just a small note: thr FONT tag is deprecated, use SPAN 🙂

    I like the red starts a lot! Your font looks good in serif I think, it does add a touch of class :o)


    coolmann: Sorry, don’t understand. Deprecated? SPAN? (Exceeding my knowledge of XHTML, which doesn’t take long…)


    scribbler: ehm, sorry for being so ambiguous 🙂 well, if you want know more, read this:

    I told you this since you are using the FONT tag in your theme, for increasing size of first letter in each article. Instead, you could try using the SPAN tag to do that 🙂 sorry for my late reply, too

    Maybe you’ve already thought of this, but if your quotes (in the blockquote tag) are short the background image you style them with won’t display entirely — meaning you’ll get something like QUOT or QU … in the grey letters that run vertically down the left/top side.

    vnbPaul: Yes, I’m aware of it. When I know I’m going to have a short quote, I don’t use the

    tag. Thanks.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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