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    I downloaded a free theme and copied it to my themes directory on my server. In my WordPress admin screen, I see the theme name, screenshot, and description, and if I click it, it selects it properly.

    Then I began to modify the theme. I changed one image used in the header (same name and location), and a few style parameters. I gave the enclosing folder a new name, and uploaded it to the themes directory. When accessing the Presentation > Themes, the theme is there, but it shows only as the first few lines of text from the stylesheet, not the title, screenshot, and description. If I click this text, it selects the theme, but continues to show the content of the stylesheet rather than the title, screenshot and description.

    I’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the CSS files, and cannot find the problem. Can anyone help me resolve this?

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  • where is your website located ?

    The website is But, it appears correctly to the public. It doesn’t appear correctly in the admin screen.

    The WP install is in the root public folder of my domain host. It is a standard install, including uploading and working with themes, until I change a theme’s stylesheet. Then I get this weird behavior. Also, I just noted that I was able to make a minor change to a style within the WP UI and it saved properly. I’ll explore this more extensively. When I’ve attempted to change a theme’s stylesheet via WP that I had changed previously, it tells me the theme doesn’t exist. Perhaps there is a directory setting in my WP config that I’ve got wrong?

    There is something wrong with the editor you used to save the stylesheet.
    I remember several cases like that, just need to find them in the forum… The editor adds some screwy (invisible) things, or wrong line breaks? – something like that 🙁

    EDIT. Here you go: line break, editors…


    That did it. I downloaded TextMate for OS X, and made the mods suggested by the post at the link you provided. Lo and behold, it now works. Dreamweaver just came off my list.

    Thanks so much for your help.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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