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    Hi everyone, this is my first time here and i’m in quite a bit of a predicament.

    One of my blogs has 400+ posts and quite some traffic, I’ve screwed up that install by messing about with stuff I shouldn’t, the site is still running and sort of usable so my traffic isn’t dropping very badly.

    I want to be able to make a fresh install of wordpress, transfer every content i have on the ‘bad’ blog to the ‘new’ blog and then erase the ‘bad’ and put the ‘new’ in it’s place

    I know how to do everything except the ‘swap’ part.
    If i do the ‘new’ blog, it has to be on a different folder than the ‘bad’ blog.
    After deleting the ‘bad’ blog how can i transfer the ‘new’ blog to the place that the ‘bad’ blog was occupying (I’m only asking because it doesn’t seem to me that just copy/pasting the files from the ‘new’ blog folder into the ‘old’ blog folder will do the trick, if it did it would be awesome though)?

    Thanks in advance

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    I’ve screwed up that install by messing about with stuff I shouldn’t

    What did you do exactly? Maybe a manual upgrade is all you have to do (if your database is still ok).

    I’ve updated stuff without testing (i feel the boxes that tell to update stuff just mess with my ocd or something) them on my development version as all stuff i tested (dozens of plugins) never had a problem before on the development version the chance of having problems now was pretty small i thought, well, my mistake.

    I knew the databases were fine (not perfect maybe but fine) as all comments and posts were there no problem, some attachments were broken but i just re-attached, it was slow as hell, the layout and plugins were a bit buggy.

    I’ve solved this by backing up the databases and upload folder, deleting the entire wordpress folder, installing wordpress again and every plugin i wanted, less than 1 hour of downtime, after all it was worth it, it’s running fast, smooth and error free, even faster and smoother than the older version before the errors appeared.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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