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  • shootperth


    Hey there,
    my friend set up my wordpress site.
    I stupidly entered the admin and changed the URL to another site to see if it would link.

    Now I can’t enter the admin as it simply shows the new website address I had entered in a google box saying ‘can’t be found’

    my website domain still leads to the homepage although the homepage is now just a logo and the categories of my pages.

    have I totally screwed up my website?

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  • shootperth


    in fact, I entered a domain name that doesn’t even exist that’s how ‘special’ I am



    try to login to phpmyadmin and change the link in the database.



    whilst i’m unbelievably grateful you wrote to me, sadly I’m like ‘say what?’ i’ve googled phpmyadmin and that looks just about as confusing as the wordpress site.

    Any advice on how to navigate php ..sorry to be a pest, I’m literally alien to this stuff



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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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