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  • I purchased a support contract from the WordPress HelpCenter ( and 5 months later they’re closing the doors, changing the terms, and generally not honoring the agreement.

    Not that I ever got any real support anyway with emails not being answered for over a month, phone being answered by machine, no return phone calls etc.

    I have asked for a refund repeatedly but was completely stonewalled.

    Anyone else?

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  • As I know, there were good company, ping them over the twitter.

    I have pinged them every which way (though I don’t use Twitter) trying to obtain a refund when I discovered a fatal flaw in the Carrington Business theme/Carrington Build and had repeated support requests go unanswered for a month at a time.

    They have refused, over the last four months, to provide a refund and now they’re shutting down the service, also without a refund.


    Hi ssteiner, had you reached out to Crowd Favorite directly? I don’t have enough detail here about your situation but we’ll be happy to talk.

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    My last two emails went unanswered and they no longer answer the phone at wphelpcenter.

    All I want, at this point, is a refund for service never provided and for a product (Carrington Business) that I can’t use due to the huge potential for data loss (it’s not tied into the revision system and with three clicks, a user can destroy an entire layout).

    Now they’ve discontinued the service I agreed to purchase with an offer of “forum based support.” That’s not what I bought, I want my money back.

    This is a total breach of contract and I’ve filed reports with the BBB and Colorado AG’s office.


    Typical non-response.

    Hopefully the BBB or AG’s office will be able to get me a refund since Crowd Favorites’ “customer service” technique seems to be to just stonewall when directly confronted with their unethical behaviour.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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