• It cratered on me this morning for unknown reasons. Uninstall/reinstall doesn’t fix the problem. Downloaded 0.9, won’t run either. Mozilla, IE, Opera all run fine. Firefox has borked on me. The honeymoon is over.

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  • dude i am being nice here.
    just delete the folder.
    and install the new one…
    the first rule of firefox is
    with every new version u need to start from scratch :p but for the profile which is stored in another folder 🙂
    it is working very fine here… just deleted the old folder and installed the fresh one. now waiting for the extension site to get working again!

    A really informative post title then?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Moose – I had the same recently with a nightly.
    Uninstalled, copied all the settings from Application Data then deleted them too, cleared the registry and .8 worked fine
    This time, just had to delete .8 and .9 is fine – though it hasn’t brought over new bookmarks etc.

    Firefox should really come up with a way to clean up previous installations, or deal with what’s left behind by the previous versions.

    That happened to me when I installed .9, it would spawn a firefox process, kill it, then respawn another one a few times a second. I couldn’t even select it long enough to end process.

    surprisingly i did not have any problems 😀

    They say you only hurt the ones you love.

    that holds true for me and WP… :p

    How much more informative can that be? Enjoy your self-righteousnous…goodness knows you’ve earned it! 🙂
    I did delete the Firefox folder before I started.
    What finally “fixed” the problem is that I went into the hidden files in my XP profile and deleted all of the stuff hiding in the Applications folder. I copied the bookmarks.html file, and blew the rest of it away. Then I tried to reinstall again. This time I had no issues. As for the bookmarks, well you now have the option of importing bookmark files, which I did and I was back in business, except now I need to remember all of my passwords…

    sucks man 😀 i get the last laugh… 🙂
    maybe the fact that i dont use firefox regularly had my profile folder lean and mean so i did not face problems…

    Might be an XP kind of thing

    I installed 0.9RC over 0.8 with no trouble. I then installed o.9 over o.9RC with no trouble – at first. Earlier today, I started adding in some extentions, which caused the thing to implode on itself. Had to wipe the programs directory and application data directory and reinstall to get it to run. Fortunately, I had my bookmarks backed up. So far, I’ve remembered all my passwords. 🙂

    duh, i cant get webdev toolbar to work… life sucks.

    Firefox 0.9 has a “safe mode” also, that starts up without extensions. This saved me a couple of times with bad extensions.

    There’s a new webdev toolbar for .9 available as of friday. Works good.
    The lack of tabbrowser extensions, though, is killing me. I miss my colorized tab groups. 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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