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    I’ve uploaded my first plugin to the wordpress repository but my screenshots are not working.
    From the Add New plugin>details overlay there isn’t a screenshot tab. From the plugin page on the screenshot tab showup but my plugin short description text is listed.
    I’ve validated my readme.txt file with no errors. I’ve put the screenshot-*.png files in the assets folder, the trunk folder, the current stable tag folder…no luck with anything.

    Here is the plugin page

    Can anyone help???

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    I’ll ask on the wp-forums mailing list. I’ll see if I can find out who troubleshoots this.

    Stupid suggestion, try lowercasing the PNG (screenshot-1.png)

    No luck with the case of the extension. Thanks for the idea though.
    I’m wondering if it has something to do with the encoding or the line break charecter used in the txt file (lf/cr, cr/lf, cr only, lf only)…dos or windows encoding…

    It’s very frustrating!

    The linebreak encoding does matter, but it doesn’t actually matter which one it is, as long as it’s consistent. Run it through dos2unix or vice-versa, just in case. Same for all text files, PHP has trouble with inconsistent line endings.

    Ipstenu’s suggestion of renaming the files to be actually lowercased extensions did the trick.

    You may need to do an SVN update on your local copy.

    The extensions trick didn’t change it…it was working for a while using notepad++ to save the file…but it was very inconsistant.
    I’m going to force common linebreaks. I think you are correct that that’s my problem because I’ve edited this file in so many programs at this point!

    Dude, you just changed them back and broke it again.

    Lowercase means png, not PNG.

    Agreed…but I didn’t change them back…I think Windows is messing with me! Everytime I change them to lower case and exit the folder when I come back in they are upper again. UGGGH

    Okay, Windows. Got it. TortoiseSVN, hopefully?

    Right click on each file. Select TortoiseSVN->Rename. Fix the name to have a lowercase extension. After you do all six files, do a commit.

    Brillant! That did it and the change stuck now.

    Still related to the readme.txt…can you tell why my short description isn’t showing up in the add new plugin list. I get a truncated version of my long description almost as if my short description wasn’t there…

    The short description does render correctly on the wordpress plugin page however…

    Not sure what you mean by the “add new plugin list”, but changes to the search results take a day or so to get indexed.

    from within wordpress the add new plugin feature. When you search for plugins…their short description is listed. Mine list the long discription.
    And it seems to be picking up changes about 2 minutes after I commit them.
    If you have an install running just search for “iCafe” and you will see the long description instead of the short one…really not sure why.
    My readme file looks correct to me.

    And it seems to be picking up changes about 2 minutes after I commit them.

    That’s normal.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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