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  1. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've uploaded my first plugin to the wordpress repository but my screenshots are not working.
    From the Add New plugin>details overlay there isn't a screenshot tab. From the plugin page on wordpress.org the screenshot tab showup but my plugin short description text is listed.
    I've validated my readme.txt file with no errors. I've put the screenshot-*.png files in the assets folder, the trunk folder, the current stable tag folder...no luck with anything.

    Here is the plugin page

    Can anyone help???

  2. I'll ask on the wp-forums mailing list. I'll see if I can find out who troubleshoots this.

  3. Stupid suggestion, try lowercasing the PNG (screenshot-1.png)

  4. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    No luck with the case of the extension. Thanks for the idea though.
    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the encoding or the line break charecter used in the txt file (lf/cr, cr/lf, cr only, lf only)...dos or windows encoding...

    It's very frustrating!

  5. The linebreak encoding does matter, but it doesn't actually matter which one it is, as long as it's consistent. Run it through dos2unix or vice-versa, just in case. Same for all text files, PHP has trouble with inconsistent line endings.

  6. Ipstenu's suggestion of renaming the files to be actually lowercased extensions did the trick.

    You may need to do an SVN update on your local copy.

  7. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The extensions trick didn't change it...it was working for a while using notepad++ to save the file...but it was very inconsistant.
    I'm going to force common linebreaks. I think you are correct that that's my problem because I've edited this file in so many programs at this point!

  8. Dude, you just changed them back and broke it again.


    Lowercase means png, not PNG.

  9. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Agreed...but I didn't change them back...I think Windows is messing with me! Everytime I change them to lower case and exit the folder when I come back in they are upper again. UGGGH

  10. Okay, Windows. Got it. TortoiseSVN, hopefully?

    Right click on each file. Select TortoiseSVN->Rename. Fix the name to have a lowercase extension. After you do all six files, do a commit.

  11. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Brillant! That did it and the change stuck now.

    Still related to the readme.txt...can you tell why my short description isn't showing up in the add new plugin list. I get a truncated version of my long description almost as if my short description wasn't there...

  12. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The short description does render correctly on the wordpress plugin page however...

  13. Not sure what you mean by the "add new plugin list", but changes to the search results take a day or so to get indexed.

  14. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    from within wordpress the add new plugin feature. When you search for plugins...their short description is listed. Mine list the long discription.
    And it seems to be picking up changes about 2 minutes after I commit them.
    If you have an install running just search for "iCafe" and you will see the long description instead of the short one...really not sure why.
    My readme file looks correct to me.

  15. And it seems to be picking up changes about 2 minutes after I commit them.

    That's normal.

  16. Bryan Hadaway
    Posted 3 years ago #

    @cnilsson - I already own and reserve the name GroundWork for over a year now, but for a theme:


    Besides trademark issues (which give me protection under the law), I was operating under this name first which can be proven here:


    Though, it wasn't approved all that time ago on .org I was operating here:


    Where the theme was available for download for over a year.

    Now that the theme is approved I removed the page and you can just find the link on:


    Here's a snapshot I found from May 9, 2012 (before the redesign and removing the page):


    Besides the trademark issue this will natural cause confusion among users. I realize you were likely completely unaware that the name was already taken especially because there's no plugin by that name and that it was simply an honest mistake. Completely understandable and no worries.

    Now that you do know however, you'll need to change your plugin name. I'll forward to the admins/mods so they can help figure out the pertinents of getting this straightened out.

    Thanks, Bryan

  17. Bryan Hadaway
    Posted 3 years ago #



    Looks like the name "GroundWork" (even with that exact capitalization) has long-since been common place anyways since I first came up with it. Found 3 different companies with the name and several software items as well, likely dozens of others.

    As far as WP is concerned, first come, first serve really only applies within the same repo and in this case, they've decided that a theme and plugin can have the exact same name.

    This will obviously cause confusion amongst users coming from Google, but they'll figure it out I'm sure. This will also cause confusion with people looking for support. I can guarantee now that we'll be getting each others users every now and then asking for help and we'll have to refer them to the other "No no, you're looking for the plugin...", you get the point.

    So, it's entirely up to you if you'd like to change the name or not. If it were me and I created a theme and then found out there was already a plugin of the same name, I'd definitely change it for multiple reasons.

    But, whatever you decide now that you're aware of the situation is fine.

    Thanks, Bryan

  18. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I understand the possible confusion although I think that the crossover would likely be very small considering that many users will click the help link within the theme/plugin to access the support site.

    With that being said, I am considering a name change...however, what did the admins/mods say about changing the repository name. I'm assuming that I'd have to re-apply and wait for a new SVN repo to be created?

  19. Bryan Hadaway
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The problem is that people will Google things like:

    "groundwork support"

    Going straight to the forum circumventing the main page and they'll just post for help not thinking much about it, as only one example.

    I guarantee this will be a problem. People don't pay attention and further more most WordPress users are not tech savvy (hence why WP is so popular especially with 1-click installs offered by most hosts).

    Many won't even differentiate the words theme and plugin outside the comforts of pushing buttons and having things automatically installed for them.

    Maybe you can rename your theme to "GroundWorx" (a name I once considered) or similar.

    It's pretty much common sense that this will be a problem. However, it depends on how big either of our projects become. If neither become popular it won't be a big deal, if even one of them becomes popular it's going to be really annoying redirecting people over and over.

    Otto (the admin who'll have to help you), I know doesn't want to do this, cause it's a pain. But, he said it's up to you which I think would imply he'll accommodate.

    Let me get him "on the phone".

  20. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If he agrees to help me rename the repository OR he can create a new one quickly...I'll just reupload and relaunch...it's not a big deal yet.

  21. Bryan Hadaway
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Yeah, it's better to fix things from the get go though then to worry about if/when it becomes a much bigger problem and is either impossible or difficult to fix at that point.

    Trust me, I definitely know what I'm talking about here. This problem will effect us both equally and if we can fix it now, we need to.

  22. If you want to make a new one with a new name, then you'll have to submit it again with the new name. We can't change the "slug" of the plugin any other way.

    Approval shouldn't be a problem. Just email plugins@wordpress.org with the information and such so that they know what's going on.

  23. cnilsson
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I've submitted a new plugin request under the name


    I've also emailed plugins@wordpress.org with the information about this situation.

    Is there anything you can do to speed it along...I was hoping to launch today with social media announcements.

    Thanks for your help!

  24. Bryan Hadaway
    Posted 3 years ago #

    @cnilsson - Appreciate you stepping up and doing the right thing, though inconvenient.

    Thanks, Bryan

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