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  • raindance


    Nothing happens when I click screen options or help in the dashboard. Any idea why? I just uninstalled 2.8.3 and went back to 2.8.1

    Maybe I should have gone all the way back to 2.7? So far, 2.8.3 has been a nightmare requiring days of effort trying to get it working right.

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  • ryans149


    make sure you installed 2.8.1 properly.. all the files are uploaded properly??

    WordPress 2.8..2 had a database update.. so are you using the same database??



    I started with 2.7.1 then upgraded to 2.8.1, then to 2.8.3 all within a week of each other. I’m not sure if we started having the problems in the 2.8.1 upgrade or 2.8.3.

    So i just uninstalled 2.8.3, dumped all the tables, files etc on the server, then uploaded 2.8.1 manually. Installed, connected to database fine, but same issues as before, which are many.
    -Screen options/help don’t work
    -Widgets won’t drag
    -all the windows in the dashboard say “loading”
    -many posting options missing
    -all apostrophe’s turn into quotes, even in the title, really annoying

    So i just deleted all the 2.8.1 files, tables and am now installing 2.7.1 again to see if I start there, if it all works normally again.

    I imagine i installed “properly” but where could it have been off the track? If you upload the files, change the config file, disable gears, clear cookies/cache…what else should I be doing to install “properly”?

    Same database but i dropped all the tables first, so just the same empty database with no tables in it.




    i went back to 2.7.1 and everything worked great again. So just to see what happens, I upgraded to 2.8.3 and it all stopped working again. No screen options, can’t drag widgets, etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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