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  • Good Afternoon,

    I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.1 and noted that many of the post and page meta boxes (Excerpts, Custom Fields, Send Trackbacks, Author, etc.) do not appear. I believe this to be because they are not set to appear by default in Screen Options. I have tried the solutions to this issue as posted elsewhere (and listed below) but none have resolved this problem for me. I also believe there is a nuanced difference between the issue I’m experiencing (its not universal) and the others I have read about. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide in helping me resolve this problem.

    I have read the many posts regarding both setting Screen Options and adding a filter code to my website’s theme function.php file. This is what I have done and am experiencing:

    Experiencing – missing meta boxes in the Edit Post and Edit Pages screens only. The Screen Options dropdown area does not appear (nor does the Help dropdown) in the Edit Posts and Edit Pages only. Screen Options does work properly for all other pages. Instead of the dropdown appearing when the Screen Options tab is clicked on, it changes the URL of the webpage by adding #screen-options at the end of the existing URL (or #contextual-help when the Help tab is clicked). No other change is noted.

    1. I added the filter code to my theme’s function.php file at the end of the file. – no change in function
    2. I added the filter code to my theme’s function.php file at the beginning of the file following the <?php script. – no change in function
    3. I added the filter code to my theme’s function.php file as a standalone function adding <?php before the code and ?> at the end. – no change in function
    4. I deactivated all plugins. – no change in function
    5. I deactivated all plugins and switched the theme to the default twenty ten theme. – no change in function

    I am currently using WordPress 3.1,
    hosted by,
    MySQL Version 5.0.45,
    Perl Version 5.8.8, and
    PHP Version 5.2.12

    I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide to me to resolve this problem. I hope you have a great evening!

    All the Best,

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  • esmi


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    Thanks, esmi.

    I have performed the recommended procedure in the Troubleshooting WordPress 3.1 – Master List and still have the same problem. Namely:

    – Manually installed WordPress 3.1.1 (did the update)
    – All plugins deactivated (and left them deactivated)
    – Changed to the Twenty Ten theme
    – Reset the plugins

    I still cannot access the Screen Options dropdown for the Edit Posts and Edit Pages administrative pages and have lost most of the field boxes that are present in the Add Posts and Add Pages screens.

    Additionally, I have added the code:

    // Change what’s hidden by default
    add_filter(‘default_hidden_meta_boxes’, ‘be_hidden_meta_boxes’, 10, 2);
    function be_hidden_meta_boxes($hidden, $screen) {
    if ( ‘post’ == $screen->base || ‘page’ == $screen->base )
    $hidden = array(‘slugdiv’, ‘trackbacksdiv’, ‘postexcerpt’, ‘commentstatusdiv’, ‘commentsdiv’, ‘authordiv’, ‘revisionsdiv’);
    // removed ‘postcustom’,
    return $hidden;

    to my theme’s functions.php file as recommended and this also does not work.

    Any additional suggestions regarding options I should pursue are greatly appreciated.

    All the Best,

    I forgot…

    There is a change in the webpage URL when I click on either the Screen Options or Help tabs (though the drop-down menues don’t appear). Examples are:

    Original Edit Post URL –

    Screen Options Edit Post URL –

    Help Edit Post URL –

    Again, any help is greatly appreciated!

    All the Best,



    I too am experiencing this same problem. I’m using 3.2.1, but have had the trouble since 3.0. It is not a “theme” issue. I have not edited the Interface code in any way (only the outward theme).

    Same problem: Drop downs work on every page EXCEPT the post editor. I can’t enable the “Except” function because of it.

    This appears to be related to the issue of “Drag & Drop” not working on the Widgets page, which I am also experiencing.

    Do you have the WP Security Scan plugin enabled? If so, disable it and see if it works. You can always re-enable WP Security Scan (a fabulous plugin) when you need it again later. I enable it every few weeks to make sure my settings are still secure on client sites.

    “tech_coach”. No. I have tried disabling all plugins and switching to the Default Theme.

    I’ve noticed the drop-down in the Post Editor works off & on. I have yet to find a pattern.

    Have you tried other browsers, clearing your browser cache and contacting your host provider?

    Have you tried re-installing WP?

    “tech”. Yes. Tried IE as well. Problem is too intermittent to predict.

    Haven’t contacted my Host to resolve an issue with a single page when others work fine.

    I’m using theme twenty ten in WP 3.2.1 to build 3 websites. In two of them everything is OK. In one of them I have this problem…

    In Firefox and Google Chrome the Screen Options, Help and Howdy, Admin drop-down Links in Dashboard do not drop-down ALSO it is not possible to drag or edit widgets. However in IE9 these functions work OK.

    I could carry on building the site in IE but it would be useful to solve this problem, as I need to check the functionality of plug-ins in Firefox and Chrome, so it would prefer to build with one of these – notably chrome.

    I have tried clearing cache, and deactivating plug-ins but the problem remains. I would welcome further suggestions.



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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    – re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh download of WordPress.

    Thanks “esmi” for your suggestions. I’ve tried the first 2 things, unfortunately without success. A friend will take me through the next stage. By the way, I don’t know if it is relevant but the sight works perfectly well in Chrome and Firefox from other computers but not from mine. Could there perhaps be some automatic block from my computer that I don’t know about?

    The problem is now solved thanks to a suggestion in forum query:

    I downloaded the plug-in “use-google-libraries” to my computer then uploaded to ftp host WP plug-in directory then activated it in dashboard. It cleared the problem for firefox and chrome. The “how to do it” steps are in the link I have included above

    Addition to last post. The “use-google-libraries” link is:

    Thanks again to esmi for earlier suggestions

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