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  • Hi: I am a newbie and looked where I could.

    When I did the automatic upgrade to 2.8 it changed my dashboard to just about nothing useful displayed. The closest I could come to correcting on line was to change my Screen Options. I click and it just changes the page info on the top but the screen change options will not show up.

    On another account I have I had the screen options open and I changed to one column. Then when I tried to change back to two it only put a blank box on the right and kept the information on one line.

    Any ideas? Thanks Larry

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  • This topic is 12 months old and here I have a very similar issue I can not resolve. i just did a fresh install and have a few plugins available but have not activated any of them yet. After upgrading to the latest version of wp my right column in my “new posts” section is nothing but a blank.

    From time to time I can get the gray box to show if I toggle the 1 column and then back to the 2 column, but getting to add a box to the right column is a real pain. If I manage to get the right column to accept one of the options like the publish section, it closes the box and will not allow any others to be added.

    What is the deal?

    Well some how I got it to work, but it is very touchy. I click and drag the item I wan str8 right making sure I am on the top of the list just below the post section and slowly move up the right column. If all the stars are aligned perfectly and you hold your lips just right, just maybe the accept box will appear for a brief second and if you are on your game, you can release the module into the right column.

    I successfully repeated this process to add 3 modules to my right side bar only seconds ago. I am still not sure what caused the right sidebar to all of a sudden go nutty like that, but I was using firefox and was able to perform the task in Opera.

    After just now logging back into the admin section using firefox I can see that the issue is still there just as it was with Opera. I can move modules, but it really takes some patience and effort.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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