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    I may have missed the info somewhere along the line, but where do I find the screen options in the latest beta?

    I’m trying to add the extract section, but don’t seem to be able to find it.

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  • Try looking in the Help pulldown.

    Thanks, the one place I hadn’t looked 🙂

    This will be a common question.

    I fail to see how the decision to put the screen options link under the admin bar “Help” tab represents good, user-friendly UX.

    I fail to see how the decision to put the screen options link under the admin bar “Help” tab represents good, user-friendly UX.

    totally agree

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    I put it in my (in progress) ‘OMG WTF BBQ??!? 3.3’ post :/

    I agree. If they don’t want to clutter things too much, maybe put it in the section in the far right drop-down.

    Quite a big change – I only learned that the “Screen Options” were even still available in v3.3 by Goggling and finding this post! Somewhat jarring for a seasoned WordPress user, but after poking around in the Help, I think it’s a good change. Pros will know where to go, n00bs won’t be bothered with unnecessary options on-screen.

    I would have only found this by accident. Screen Options has nothing to do with “Help”.

    I work in WordPress every day and I couldn’t find it! God know how many people are going to be clueless and think they just disappeared. This could be bad.

    Why not create another top-level item beside Help in the menu bar called “Screen Options”? That is a lot more logical since it’s never been nested inside another parent category before.


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    I’m with Chip. Although I found the screen options relatively quickly, I think that it’s not the most intuitive location for it. If anything, it’s even more buried than it was before.

    I suppose it all depends on the philosophy around Screen Options. If the idea is to encourage screen customization by the average end user then I think this is the wrong direction from a UI / UX perspective.

    You can not put screen options in help.
    This is not help, this is an option.
    I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out which plugin has screwed up my WP3.3 beta setup, I disabled my theme, all the plugins and nothing, couldn’t find screen options in “howdy admin” “W” and not in any of the settings menu down the left, general to permalinks.

    HELP is NOT where people would look to change something.

    And I already thought the options were gone. Never would have expect them under the help button. Thanks for the hint.

    add my vote to, “I had to google this because I thought it was gone and looked in the admin bar but not under help”

    Just FYI: this appears to be resolved in the latest nightlies. The “Help” and “Screen Options” tabs have been restored to their original locations.

    That’s good news, judging by the replies on this post.

    Though at least I don’t feel so bad having not found it before 🙂

    I had just noticed that. Much better I think, to have help/screen options as obvious and individual tabs

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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