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  • Hi, I just got wordpress running on my mac with MAMP. But I seem to miss some functionality: the ‘screen options’ and ‘help’ are not responding, if I press the ‘select file’ button to add media nothing happens, and widget area’s are not expanding, nor are the widgets draggable.
    On my live site things work fine, but I have the feeling I’m missing some js or other functionality here. Searched the forums, but no luck. Anyone any ideas? My wp installation is fresh and empty without plugins or posts.

    Thanks, Bart

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  • if this is fresh install have tried to reinatall from fresh download.

    Yes I tried already that, reinstall via download and also via the backoffice itself, using the update option. I suspect is has something to do with the webserver (MAMP), since the problem is only with some behavior that seems to be javascript related.

    I fount the answer. It is in the css of the admin.
    open wp-admin/css/wp-admin.css and search fot the first instance of “screen-option-wrap”. follow the text a little further until where it says “{visibility:hidden}” change “hidden” into your first name and save the file. Both widgets, screen-options and other non-working elements seem to perform perfectly!

    Hi – in the code below from the wp-admin.css file when you say change ‘hidden’ to your first name, what do you mean by this? I’m having the same problem and have tried changing ‘hidden’ to ‘visible’ but this does not work.

    I am also having the same problem with the Help and Widgets not expanding or moving.

    #screen-options-wrap,#contextual-help-wrap{margin:0;padding:8px 20px 12px;position:relative;overflow:auto}#screen-meta .screen-reader-text{visibility:hidden}

    I have no idea how changing “hidden” to your first name could possibly work…most likely you’re going to be hurting yourself in the future.

    Whenever something that is controlled through JavaScript just stops working, it is most likely a result of a JavaScript error somewhere (plugins, etc). Check your JavaScript debugger in Chrome/Safari/FireFox and click the JavaScript tab. There is most likely an error. (right-click > Inspector > JS Tab)

    Let us know the error message your getting. You really shouldn’t be going into the wp-admin folder – as whatever you fix now will break in the next update when the file gets overwritten.

    Just cleared Firefox Cache and all’s working again :o)
    It was the post above mine that suggested changing ‘hidden’ to ‘your first name’ which I didn’t understand… I’ve not changed anything in the wp-admin folder exactly for the reason you say, I’d break it! :o)
    Thanks for your quick reply

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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