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    Ever since upgrading to 2.7, and now 2.8, screen options will not save on the dashboard or on the post pages. I have followed other forum posts about this and it seems that there are no resolutions yet. Can someone please tell me what they think could fix this?

    It seems that others are having this problem as well -

    Here is some more information. I can see the options within the user-meta table but they never change. I even tried to create a new user to see if it would work and it does not. Ajax seems to work fine within wordpress and I have tried all the suggestions listed –

    I have tried to save these screen options in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari so it doesnt seem to be brower dependent. Appreciate any help as there are a ton of options, especially within post pages that I do not want to be shown and would like to reorder boxes so that, for example, I dont have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to choose my tags.

    Thanks again.

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins?
    – renaming the plugins folder via FTP?
    – changing to the default theme?

    I have tried all but renaming the plugins folder. Not sure what that would do, wouldnt wordpress loose all the plugins?

    Just to clarify, Im referring to the admin screen options… Just seems odd to me that the default theme would have anything to do with it… I did try it though, and still no luck..

    Is there something in particular that you think would be interfering? I imagine this happens via AJAX, right?

    The odd thing is that the screen options in terms of how many results to show in the edit posts page, for example, seems to work. It is just the post and admin dashboard pages that wont save.



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    wouldnt wordpress loose all the plugin

    Not permanently. You can rename the plugins folder back again. This process has worked successfully a few times when a supposedly “inactive” plugin continued to impact on the Admin area.

    <a href=”
    “>Rename the plugins folder via FTP

    Is there something in particular that you think would be interfering?

    Nothing specific as I don’t know your blog but it does seem that there’s another piece of code creating a conflict somewhere. The most obvious culprits are plugins – especially in 2.8. Themes are next on the list, so switching to the default theme is a test to see if your preferred theme has a problem.

    It is just the post and admin dashboard pages that wont save.

    The effects are as variable as the plugins and themes that cause them.

    You may also want to read for some other suggestions/solutions.

    Ok. Just changed the theme to default – No Luck…

    Now going to try the plugins – If I rename the folder, should decativate all of them I believe.

    I have this problem on all 30 of the wordpress sites that I use and it makes me cry into my beer.



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    If the sites have no common link (eg plugins or themes) try disabling Google Gears if you have that running/installed in your browser.

    Found the problem Esmi.. Thanks for the help. It definitely was a plugin, and an old one that I rarely use anymore anyway – WP-Omatic. Once I disabled, all worked just fine. I’m thinking that it is likely Tgiokdi has this plugin too. I tried disabling one plugin at a time and that did it. The theme was not the problem and I did disable Google gears and clean my cache so you may want to do that as well.

    Good shout, WP-O-Matic did this to mine too. If you de-activate it, change all the pages you want to change, then re-activate it you’ll be sorted.

    I’ll also cross ref the other post with this solution.


    Does anyone know how this feature ties into the codebase? I’d like to look into the code and hack up a solution so that these options save.

    I changed my Screen Options settings to a 1 column layout and could not get the two column layout back. I figured my issue was related to these Screen Options not saving but after intense investigation I noticed that the options were in fact saving, and that the layout was adjusting for two columns HOWEVER the new feature that allows for drap n drop panels kept all my panels in the larger column. By simply dragging them over to the sidebar I restored by 2 column layout. Hope this helps.


    Thank you! I just ran into the same issue and this was the fix. I wonder if this could be considered a bug?

    I do not have any of the offending plugins. I just have AddToAny, Akismet, PollDaddy Polls and WordPress Stats. I changed my theme but it doesn’t work even with the default theme and all plugins deactivated.

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