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  • This happen with “Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality.”

    After I suddenly Enable this full-height distraction-free mode It will always remember this setting when create/edit post next time.

    No matter I have clear browser cache or even use different browser, Nothing work!. It is so annoying that I have to go uncheck it every time I create post or edit old post.

    Why it not remember new changes? I uncheck it and update or publish or whatever it will go back to “Checked” by default. Now I don’t want to use this distraction-free-annoying mode anymore.

    I thought it maybe store somewhere in my database too but I couldn’t find it. This also happen long time ago when it remember my settings for upload image. Also when I switch to “Text” mode for the editor. Fortunately I found the function to hard code those settings so it won’t annoy me anymore.

    Is this only happen with my computer or browser or with WordPress itself?

    Please help.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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