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  • Been using WordPress for about a week. Recently scrapped most of the layout I had there before, which was just a piece of junk monstrosity that I hacked together from a template off ipowerweb.
    I’m using the simple_sky style, which I have changed around a bit to allow a php coded menu(which I borrowed from some website somewhere thanks whoever wrote it!) to the left side. I also fixed all my xtml and css errors so it validates properly.
    I’m still uncertain what I will do for the rest of the site, which will hopefully contain travel article submission, photos, and other travel information.
    Here it is: A Daily Adventure

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  • I tweaked some stuff a bit more. Changed most of the width values to be % and moved the Post date over to the right hand side, for lower res users. Also made the comment box smaller, as it was extending over the endge of the menu before.
    Feedback is of course welcome:)

    Yeah, broke it, then fixed it again. Now I just need to STOP touching it.
    I manipulated the Simple_sky theme into a 3 column layout, with the Amazon Media manager on the left side with my site menu, and the WP menu on the right.
    It looks right in firefox and IE, and should look good down to 800×600:)

    Quick suggestion. Throw a little line-height on your blog paragraphs. You’ve got the padding side-to-side that really opens it up, but it seems like the text is wanting to breathe up-and-down :]
    Looks real good, man. Really like the link hover colors and layout feel.

    Kid: Thanks for pointing that out! I will try to find which property in my bloated css sheet that will do that=/

    If youre using the base stylesheets that come with wordpress (I think you are), try adding something like this:
    .post p {line-height:130}
    That should start to set the paragraph line heights on your posts. Play with the number till you get it where you like it.

    Kid: I found it last night and set it to 150% thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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