[resolved] Scoured DB, fixed URLs, but still no graphics (2 posts)

  1. dpayton
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I set up a WP blog in anticipation of moving a blog from elsewhere to my web host. No imports or anything, just essentially a brand new blog at the same URL as the old one.

    I installed (via Fantastico) in a subdirectory off my main web site; http://www.thepaytons.org/stonescryout . I wanted to get the template set up, the plug-ins installed and ready to go so that when I got the http://www.stonescryout.org domain name, I thought I'd just point it at http://www.thepaytons.org/stonescryout , maybe just fix the blog URL on the WP general options page and ba-da-bing.

    Veteran WP users will know that what I did was, in essence, move my blog from one URL to another. Not quite as simple as I thought.

    Fortunate for me, I have but one "welcome to the new blog" post, so the damage is minimal. I took a backup of my database and searched for all occurrences of "thepaytons.org/stonescryout" and used phpMyAdmin to fix those records in my database by hand. Best I can tell, I got 'em all, including the ones with %2F instead of "/"s.

    The blog looks reasonable, except all local images are not showing up. A common thing, I know, but as far as I know I've followed all the FAQs and how-to's. But graphics from WP itself (e.g. the login page), the theme (Tiga) and the plug-ins (e.g. Sociable and WP-Poll) all refuse to show up.

    What's maddening is that if I copy the URLs that are trying to be displayed and stick them in my browser address bar, I see the graphic just fine! Maddening still, if, after doing that, I hit the browser's Back button, I see the graphic in its place! But when I reload, no more image.

    If you look at the stylesheet generated by Tiga (http://www.stonescryout.org/wp-content/themes/tiga/style.php) you'll see that all the images it asks for are on the current site; no bad URL there. But again, the same issue is plaguing all my plug-ins as well.

    I'm stuck. Is it possible I missed something in the database?

    Thanks muchly.

  2. dpayton
    Posted 8 years ago #

    If anybody cares, I figured out the problem. Fantastico did not properly update the .htaccess file with rewrite rules for the graphics.

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