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  • Resolved Stephane Martin


    In the learning application I’m currently building with the help of the Learndash WP plugin, I’m looking at a scoring system that could be tricky to implement with existing achievement plugins. Please tell me if there is hope that I’ll be able to do it with yours.

    In my application:

    I want a user profile to contain several scores of different natures:

    • scores relating to a number of “theoretical” competencies
    • a global “theoretical” score, which is computed using all individual “theoretical” competency scores
    • a “practicing” score.

    Each quiz (which basically is a specific type of post that you can successfully “pass”) has one or several attached scores, of different natures:

    • scores relating to “theoretical” competencies
    • a “practicing” score.

    When a user successfully passes a quiz, they’re granted points according to a calculation made with the user’s scores and the score(s) attached to the quiz:

    • for each “theoretical” competency score attached to the quiz, if any
    • for the practicing score attached to the quiz, if any.

    In other words, there isn’t a fixed number of points gained when succeeding at a quiz. Rather, the gain is calculated according to the respective scores attached to the user and to the quiz.

    Do you think this scoring system would be achieveable using your plugin? If yes, could you provide directions for this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    Hi Stephane,

    It’d need a developer to look into this, but I believe the dpa_send_points_value filter in the dpa_send_points() function would be the correct place to change the points given to a user when they unlock an achievement.

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your answer.
    I believe I’ll need several points systems in use at once, in order to be able to rank users separately according to different competencies. This would behave just like if there was several instances of the plugin running together. Do you think it’s something doable, out-of-the-box or with little customisation or a fair quantity of development?
    Would you mind orientating me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    It’s certainly not doable out of the box, because Achievements only has karma points, which the Leaderboard uses to rank users by.

    It’s hard to say without investigating the specifics. It’s probably somewhere in the middle of the scale.

    Ok, thanks.

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