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  • I have multiple quizzes, each exhibiting incorrect results when the ‘Next’ button is clicked.

    1. Each question, I select an answer, I DO NOT ‘check my answer’ and just click ‘Next’ (this is what many end users are doing)
    2. At the final question, I click ‘Get my results’
    3. The results page shows all the questions with the answers I chose, but regardless of whether my answers are correct or not, I always see 0/N (zero correct answers).

    Basically, the answers are only included in scoring when a user clicks ‘check my answer’. Clicking ‘next’ button records the answer (I can see my choice on the results page) but does not include that answer in the scoring.

    I can send you an admin login if that is useful

    Thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    @danbrady The “check my answer” and “next” buttons should NOT be showing at the same time. There are likely some styles in your theme that are forcing both buttons to show up at the same time.

    Only the “Check my answer” button should display below the answer inputs. When you click “check my answer”, you should then see a correct/incorrect response message and the “Next” button. (unless you have adjusted the settings to not show correct/incorrect response messaging after each question, then you should only ever see the “next” button).

    If you can share a link to a page where I can see the double buttons happening, I can let you know what styles are causing the problem and possibly give you some code to override and fix.

    Thread Starter danbrady


    Thanks for your response, that’s useful to know that I’m not going mad or misunderstanding how the plugin should work!

    The quizzes are here:

    You’ll need to create a free membership to see them, it only takes a minute and is totally free. Or I can set you up as a user, if you let me know where to send the details?

    Many thanks


    Thread Starter danbrady


    We’ve hidden the ‘next’ buttons on the question pages using display:none

    Danbrady (or anyon e else),

    that’s useful to know. I’m struggling to devise the correct custom css. I’ve used firebug but can’t see what to do without risking none of the buttons being displayed rather than just the next button. Can you help please?



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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