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    I installed Scoped Roles plugin to limit the visibility of posts to groups only. Apparently this plugin affects also Subscribe2 because when I try to open the email subscription page, it shows only the categories which belong to the my group, instead i’d like to have all categories.
    Is it a solution for this problem?
    Thank you

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  • @jeman_wp,

    I’ve tried using google to find a plugin called “Scoped Roles” and I’m not getting any hits, where are you getting this plugin from?

    Sorry the name is “Role Scoper”.


    Role Scoper appears to restrict access to categories too (as per this image), have you limited access to categories there?

    Yes I did, because it’s actually what I need. Limits on categories, that means that each group created is allowed to see some categories, but i don’t want that this limit goes to this plugin. Basically in my system there are two different users: Editors and subscribers. Editors are assigned to group and can edit just categories belonging to that group and subscribers are allowed only to see their profile and subscribe to newsletter, which means that they have to see all categories. hope i have been clear!


    I understand what you are trying to get then but that is all down to configuring Role Scoper correctly – indeed that’s if Role Scoper can actually do this.

    I’s sorry but I can’t really help as my plugin is Subscribe2. I think you’d be better asking here.

    but mine is Subscribe2 as well! Btw the other forum are really slow to reply! But thanks anyway.


    I understand it’s a conflict but Subscribe2 cannot bypass what Role Scoper is doing with a huge code re-write so the author of Role Scoper is your best route.

    Also, while I try to offer good support for my plugin the same does not always apply to other plugin authors. I can’t provide support for all the plugins on here though.

    Thanks MattRob, I was sure that the problem didn’t come from your plugin, in fact as you said was something concerning role scoper, which i’ve corrected and apparently it works so far. So thankyou for your support….very quick reply….ciao!


    That good news – I hope it keeps working for you.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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