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    I realize this is a little off normal WordPress topics, but if any one of the thousands of do-it-yourself-er’s out there can offer any insight on this, it would be appreciated.

    I managed to let the smoke out of one of my CentOS development servers this week. I’m right now, installing Scientific Linux on replacement hardware to put it back in service. I’ve never used Scientific, and I chose it for the simple, and very shallow fact that;

    A) the origin just inspires me to give it a try, ( Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research ‘CERN’ – and RHEL, of course )

    B) PHP and other apps all appear to be latest versions which means I don’t have to mess around with test repos or yum priorities. ( yes… I’m quite lazy like that! )

    My question is, has anyone else ever setup a web server environment on Scientific, and if so, can you think of any oddities/caveats you have encountered that I should look out for?

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  • Update:

    Although I have so far been using only the RC1 6.0 release, ( final has been announced ) I encourage anyone interested in RHEL and/or building your own test server, to experiment with this distro. Aside from one self-induced kernel panic, it seems to perform as solidly as CentOS (for my needs at least).

    I might also add, that for those who have always been disappointed with RHEL based distros (other than Fedora) and their lack of desktop/laptop features and functionality… this might be the one to try.

    Good wireless support, many multimedia features, including favorites like VLC (and libdvdcss where applicable) and the ability to automatically add additional repos such as rpmforge right from the package manager.

    …just my opinion.

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