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  1. Merras
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi all,

    SFportal Sci Fi & Fantasy Magazine is an almost three years old Hungarian site - originally we used Joomla, but now we killed the old Joomla engine, and continued our site on WordPress 2.6

    I think, SFportal is a good example for the fact: WordPress isn't "just" a blog engine, but capable to serve magazine-style portals.


  2. FunnyMagazines
    Posted 7 years ago #

    How to Build Magazines Website by WordPress

    I have spent about a week to build up my new magazine website, from nothing to nothing to abundance. I take it as my child and believe it will grow up in the future, become more and more popular. Here I spend some time to write what I’ve done and what I thought, to those people who want to build up his/her magazine websites. Hope these text and pictures may help them in the future.http://www.funny-magazines.com

    1. Topic and Content
    2. Domain name and website space.
    3. Theme select & configure
    4. Adv setting
    5. Promotion

    Permalinks of full article: http://www.funny-magazines.com/how-to-build-magazines-website-by-wordpress/

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