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[Resolved] Schema needs to be filterable

  • For a normal product that you would ship to the customer I understand that the schema needs to be http://schema.org/Product but for digital software like a wordpress plugin or a windows application, should it not read http://schema.org/SoftwareApplication ?

    I noticed in content-single-product that this is not filterable by hook and can only be customised if you override the template by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/content-single-product.php

    If this was filterable, we could use the additional schema data that is available for SoftwareApplication.

    So if a digital product is added, the schema would change. Would be also good for digital album sales to use http://schema.org/MusicAlbum

    But let’s focus on Software Application for now. http://schema.org/SoftwareApplication

    The following could be an optional piece of data to display on the product page if given in the product meta data.

    applicationCategory – e.g. “Game, Multimedia”.
    device – Device required to run the application.
    fileFormat – MIME format of the binary (e.g. application/zip).
    fileSize – Size of the application / package (e.g. 18MB).
    memoryRequirements – Minimum memory requirements.
    operatingSystem – Operating systems supported (Windows 7, OSX 10.6, Android 1.6).
    requirements – Component dependency requirements for application.
    softwareVersion – Version of the software instance.
    storageRequirements – Free space required to install and use application.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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