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  • Hi – I am a new user (I stated a free site to try it and will be adding this to my website as the blog from the download and install option)

    How do I SCHEDULE a post so it appears at the time / date I want in the future

    ie, if today is Tuesday May 2 and I want to write a month of blog entries, how do I schedule it (I only see how to Post and it posts now)



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  • if you’re trying to do this on, you might want to check out their forums – as this forum is for helping out with wordpress that’s hosted on your own server, not the “free version” at

    in the self-hosted version, there’s a box on the right hand side where you can “edit timestamp” prior to publishing.

    While on the Write page, look over to the right. See “Post Timestamp”? You may have to click the little white “+” by it to expand it.

    This allows you to set the date and time of a post. If you future date the post, it won’t show up live on the blog until that time.

    * Don’t forget to check the “Edit Timestamp” box or your date/time won’t be saved.
    * It won’t run the ping services at the future time.

    Thanks HandySolo – the answer that concerns me is it won’t run the ping services at the future time – why not? that’s rather critical isn’t it – without the pings, no one know you posted. How can you get it to ping when posted if not posted immediately ?

    It will ping when you hit the publish – i.e. now. Not when the posts will appear…

    Moshu – thanks.

    If I understand you – it pings today even though the post isn’t there for 3 weeks.

    Does that confuse the blog search engines (and does it only ping on the headline or the entire content)

    That brings this up – if it pings NOW – where do people go based on the ping – just my blog in general?

    I’m new to blogging so some of this is just figuring out what even happens when a search engine is pinged

    Thanks again for your comments


    All a ping does it say “HEY! I’ve been updated!” It doesn’t WHAT was updated, only that the site was updated.


    Thanks – I guess this is an unravling journey – so if ping says I’ve been UPDATED – how does using keywords in the headline and text of post improve responses

    And, is it in the Feedburner (I set it up – and put in my keywords / keyword phrases) that the keywords determine who hear’s the PING (ie, what blog directories register this as relevant and in what way – which takes me back to my first comment – about using keywords in headline and text)

    Thanks for any insights


    Moshu – I followed the thread. The comments it took me to didn’t exaclty answer HOW TO put the blog in various places, like in the middle of the home page.

    Do you have any other comments / references



    Well, I solved the “ping problem” with Feedburner. You can tell it to check your feed every x minutes to see if there are updates (30 I think?). You can also tell IT to do the pinging for you when it finds new stuff. Which is what I do and seems to work fine.

    And don’t confuse the pinging with the tagging/categorization. Those are picked up when the article is found, regardless of it was found via a ping or a web crawl.

    I think I am 90% there – thanks a lot – just what is “tell IT to do the pinging” – what is “IT”?



    IT = Feedburner. Pingshot, under the Publicize tab.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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