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  • I’ve tried this twice now putting in a future date and time and both times the post published immediately

    yesterday i scheduled a post or 24th july and it published immediately. why is this happening?


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  • Hi there, I’ve just tested mine, if when you’ve written your post you use edit to set the date and time, you should then only click on save and not publish, after that your post should show up in manage posts as a draft. I make the mistake often, with the save button next to publish, try it with a test post for 10 minutes time, it usually works.
    good luck.

    Ahhh that was my mistake. I am used to blogger where you hit publish and it auto publishes at that time. Thanks for the help

    If I save it then it knows to publish it and not keep it as a draft? I guess it’s too late now for the post that has gone up today dated the 24th…

    Hi there, glad its working, it can be confusing.
    You can always re-edit the date on your post and re save.
    good luck.

    hi mikey1 i tried doing saving it as unpublished but it still shows with the date of the 24th

    how do i stop it from showing until the 24th?

    Hi there,as long as the date says the 24th and its unpublished it should show up under manage posts as a draft post until that date arrives, as soon as midnight the 23rd arives it should roll over and show as published, hope you get there.

    thanks for explaining that mikey. i couldn’t find anything in the help files on it so i just assumed it was the same as blogger!

    bad news. that didn’t work

    i edited the time to schedule the post for 15 minutes time and saved it. when i came back to check it was still unpublished. so how do i schedule posts in advance???

    Talia, I am having the same exact problem. My posts simply don’t update. Any body have any more advice on this?



    there is another post on it. seems some installations don’t have the cron job set up to do the scheduling

    i set mine up with fantastico and it doesn’t appear to do it.

    waiting for someone to tell me how to set the cron job up and what it should say to get this to work! if anyone knows can they please post the code here for us




    can someone please tell me what cron job i need to set up to get this working? ie the code that goes within the job and any filenames i need to use. i can’t find a link to this solution in the knowledge database


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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