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Scheduling for later

  • Is something wrong with WP? The scheduled posts remain unpublished.. Is there a way to fix that, or to publish from draft?!

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  • That usually means wp-cron isn’t getting kicked off (which SHOULD happen whenever anyone visits your site). You can manually go in and edit the post to be published, though. When a post is in Draft, there’s a big ol’ Publish button 😉 If it’s in scheduled, just change it to Published.

    I re-installed the cron.php and the wp-cron.php files.. What do those files do? How can files be corrupted, when no one typically knows that there are files behind the scenes of websites.

    I didn’t say (or even suggest) the files were corrupted. What I said is that they weren’t being TRIGGERED.

    This happens, from time to time. Sometimes it happens all the time on one host or another, sometimes it never happens.

    As for how a file gets corrupted, it just does. Computers aren’t perfect.

    And this is, as it turns out, a duplicate.


    Please only make ONE post for a problem 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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