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    Hello and compliments for the great plugin, just i wanna suggest a feature that could become useful, it will be great if the mails can be scheduled, i mean setting a delay time between the send of an e-mail and another or setting the send of xxx e-mails in a certain date/time and xxx e-mails in another date/time.

    That could become useful because many hosting providers can block/suspend your account if you send e-mails at the same time to all users as interpreted as spamming.

    It happened to me, i sent email to 384 subscribers and then my account was immediately suspended by my hosting provider because it allows max 350 mails sent per hour.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    This question has come up before (see this thread).

    I did a cursory look into seeing what it would take to do this a while ago and it wasn’t something I could do quickly. Now that my other project (WordPress Google Form) is back to being stable and I’ve finally released a long overdue update, I’ll try and take a look at this again.

    If I can have wp_schedule_event() subsequently call wp_mail() with the proper arguments, then it may be possible to implement scheduling. If not, then the problem is more complicated. Not impossible, just more complicated.

    What I don’t know is if wp_schedule_event() will truly address your problem. If your site is busy, then it probably would. But on a site with few or infrequent visitors, if no one has visited, I wonder if multiple scheduled events could be kicked off too close together? I am not sure but I think it is possible.

    No promises but I will take a look again.

    Hello Mike and thanks for your reply and im happy about you would look again for a solution.
    The problem (i think not only mine) is if you are on a shared hosting and not on a dedicated server or VPS and if you have many subscribers and you want to send them an e-mail usually the hosting provider could block you and suspend your account because see an abuse of resources.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    It isn’t that I don’t understand the problem or don’t think it is important. It is definitely a problem worth solving and several people have requested it. It is more of an issue of how hard of a problem is it solve given the coding decisions that have already been made and what API options WordPress has available. And time to do it. The time part of it is always the one that gets me … 😉

    Hi simbian,

    I am the original author of Email Users.

    What you are requesting had been wanted for quite some time. And seeing that no-one was donating for Email Users, I have created another plugin (with different features too) that addressed this particular issue: User Messages (see

    As Mike said, implementing (properly) that feature is pretty heavy: you have to create a database to store the emails to be sent, create CRON jobs to send the emails, … that is a lot of work (took me a month to get it right in User Messages).

    As a consequence, this is a feature that will not be implemented in Email Users. If you want to stick to Email Users, you should try to see with your hosting provider which are the possible ways to raise your email quota (I once did with mine and could get some improvement).

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