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  • Hi,
    I upgraded to 3.5 and now my scheduler doesn’t work.
    I’ve had to manually publish posts every single time since the upgrade.

    I also just noticed that my WPB2D back up to dropbox didn’t happen as scheduled. The last back up was on 12/16 prior to the upgrade. The next back up was scheduled for 12/23 and didn’t happen. I just tried running one for today 9 am and didn’t happen either.

    I am running Multisite feature. The main sites right now are: and

    Please help. Thank you.

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  • I am running a Multisite Installation, running Atahualpa on one site (the main domain for the multisite), been running it for years.
    The other domain runs Twenty Twelve and that is the default theme.
    I use Bluehost.

    My posts went up as scheduled today so I’m having no problem with the same themes, same plugins and WP 3.4.2

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    Funny thing about Multisite, the main site’s theme can impact a lot :/

    Sarah, have you ever had to edit your cron.php or had any other scheduling problems before?

    No. I have never had any scheduler problems up to the 3.5 update.
    And even now, once I reverted to 3.4 (without changing anything else), everything is working fine.
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Mika – all of our sites are on the same server as we’re using a multi-user install as well. We have one site that’s hosted on the same server but which is on a separate WP install. Am checking to see if its scheduler also is failing.

    sorry the the delay in response.

    @ipstenu – I write software for a living (outside of managing a bunch of WP sites), so I do understand how incredibly frustrating debugging issues are when you cant replicate them. That said, if someone is having an issue, they are having the issue regardless of whether you can replicate it or not. This is especially true if more than one person reports the exact same issue.

    Now, having said all of that, we need to start looking for commonalities between the setups of those who are experiencing the issue. To answer your question @ipstenu, yes, all of these sites are on the same “server” (3 virtualized servers behind a physical load balancer, all attached to NFS). And I too am beginning to wonder if the root of the problem lies with this configuration. When I cloned one of the sites over to our development server (a single non-load-balanced server), there were zero issues with the scheduler. Even if I changed the timeout in cron.php back to the default of 0.1 it worked correctly.

    I’ve had this issue with both single site installs as well as multi-site (all housed on the same collection of servers). All of our themes are custom-built.

    @sarah974, do you know any specifics on how your bluehost server is configured?

    @doug Hardy, can you give any specifics on your server configuration?

    will do – colleague Lon Seidman will chime in


    I’m Doug’s business partner. We’re running a network installation using domain mapping on a media temple grid server. Beyond that it’s a fairly vanilla installation. I’ve seen domain mapping do some funky things in the past so perhaps that could be an issue?

    I’m also noticing that the cron jobs are taking up an excessive amount of ‘gpu’ cycles (a measurement of CPU time that Mediatemple uses for billing purposes).

    @Ionseidman, those excessive gpu cycles, did you start seeing those pre 3.5 or after the upgrade to 3.5, or both?

    After the upgrade for sure, in fact I’m seeing 200-300% more CPU usage on the cron as compared with last month.

    We have a bunch of sites on the multi, using variety of themes, but only one of them is scheduling posts in advance.

    Let me schedule a few and see if I notice a spike.

    that’s what’s odd in all of this: i have 2 sites on this same server cluster that are working just fine. There HAS to be a commonality among all of us who are having this issue.

    Didnt notice a CPU spike during the time the cron should have been running.

    Let’s go the plugin route. Can you (Doug and lonseidman) and you (Sarah974) post the plugins you have installed for the sites where you are seeing the issue?

    Site 1. Single wordpress install, custom theme built from scratch

    • Contact Form 7
    • Cron Gui (installed to try and troubleshoot scheduled posts)
    • Electric Studio Auto Post Expire
    • Fancybox for WordPress
    • Image Focus Point
    • Custom built plugin for this site
    • More Fields
    • Multiple Galleries
    • User Role Editor
    • Web Editors CMS
    • WP-Paginate
    • wp-Typography
    • wpDirAuth
    • WP Super Cache

    Site 2: Multi-site/network wordpress install, custom parent theme built from scratch + child themes for the child sites.
    Network activated plugins:

    • wpDirAuth
    • WP Super Cache
    • Yoast Breadcrumbs (heavily modified version that is not updated

    Plugins site activated in the main site:

    • Custom plugin specific for this site
    • Events Category
    • Custom Post Type Archives in Nav Menus
    • More Fields
    • Secure and Accessible Contact Form
    • Subscribe2 (heavily modified version that is not updated)
    • Theme my login

    Out of the 6 sites in the network, only the first/main site has actived plugins.

    The only commonality between my two sites I’m seeing, plugin-wise, is wpDirAuth (which I maintain), and More Fields. If you two are also using wpDirAuth, I’m going to be very sheepish/embarrassed. LOL!

    We have the following plugins installed – some are inactive

    Blogger Importer
    Categories to Tags Converter Importer
    Contact Form 7
    Disqus Comment System
    Fix Facebook Like
    Google Analytics Multisite Async
    Google Doc Embedder
    Google News Sitemap Feed With Multisite Support
    Gunner Technology Authorship
    Jetpack by
    KB Advanced RSS Widget
    Newsletter Sign-Up
    Options Framework
    Popular Posts
    Post-Plugin Library
    RSS Importer
    RSS Manager
    Simple RSS Feeds Widget
    Simple Video Embedder
    Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress Editorial Calendar
    WordPress Importer
    WordPress SEO
    Yoast Breadcrumbs

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