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    WP version 4.9.1
    Plugin version 1.0.10

    I had some problems with a client who set their backup to run at 3:00 every Sunday. The plugin crashed with a fatal error which meant they couldn’t get into the backend to fix things.

    Checking through the crash log and the code, it seems that includes/buwd-cron.php:18 was calling CronExpression::factory(’00 3 * * on’)

    ‘on’ obviously isn’t a valid day name/number and so, several layers down vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php:130 was throwing an exception

    If I changed the day to be Monday then things are fine.

    Their job schedule page looked like

    Crash log:

    Fatal error:
    Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Invalid CRON field value on at position 4 in /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php:130
    Stack trace:
    #0 /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php(114): Cron\CronExpression->setPart(4, ‘on’)
    #1 /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php(97): Cron\CronExpression->setExpression(’00 3 * * on’)
    #2 /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php(69): Cron\CronExpression->__construct(’00 3 * * on’, Object(Cron\FieldFactory))
    #3 /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/includes/buwd-cron.php(18): Cron\CronExpression::factory(’00 3 * * on’)
    #4 /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/includes/bu in /{redacted}/wp-content/plugins/backup-wd/vendor/aannnaa7/cron-expression-php5/src/Cron/CronExpression.php on line 130

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  • Hi,

    We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

    Could we have a closer look at the described issues? Please contact our support team using this form (select “I have a pre-sales question” and the form will appear).

    Please, mention the URL of this forum topic in your message. We will provide a solution as soon as possible and share it here as well.

    Thanks. Have a nice day.


    Thanks for your speedy response. I look forward to finding out what’s so bad about Sunday 🙂


    Please, be informed that we are going to update the plugin tomorrow and the issue will be solved


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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