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  • A couple more details:

    * When manually Approved from the Revision Queue, the revision does get published.

    * Site Health Tools show nothing and cron is working correctly.

    * Posts with revisions all have the meta key ‘_rvy_has_revisions’ with value 1.

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    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @patopaiar I don’t see “Scheduled” in your first screen capture. If the future-dated change is submitted by a Revisor (or by an Administrator with the “Pending Revision” box checked), it will need to be approved before it becomes scheduled.

    Well, I see the “Schedule” column on the first pick, and see it gone in the second one, not sure why you are not seeing it!

    However, your comment calls my attention more.

    The idea of using the plugin is to have Page A and have an admin make a change to it, let’s say, today, and using the “Pending Revision” checkbox, schedule it to tomorrow morning. The idea is to schedule changes in advance on the evening, and have them automatically made Published the next morning.

    Are you saying the plugin cannot be used to achieve this automatically, without needing manual approval?

    Thank you in advance for the help.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @patopaiar All you need to do is select the future date and then click “Schedule Revision” without checking the “Pending Revision” checkbox.

    In that first screen capture, the Status is shown as “Pending” because of your “Pending Revision” checkbox selection. Yes, there is a date displayed in the “Schedule” column, but it is bracketed, italicized and grayed to show that this revision has a requested publish date, but approval is still required.

    In the normal revision scheduling process, “Scheduled” will be displayed in the “Status” column in Revision Queue.

    Ah! I am testing this out right away.

    I’ll tell you where the confusion came from, in case you find it useful for your UI.

    It happens that when you select a datetime in the future, the button is not changing for “Schedule Revision” as you indicate. Instead, it stays at just “Schedule” which I believe is also the default WordPress for that feature. So without any indication that I would be scheduling a revision and not the post/page itself, I wrongly assumed checking the “Pending Revision” checkbox would get your plugin that this was a scheduled revision and not a normal WP scheduled post.

    I do see now in the queue the Status “Scheduled” instead of “Pending” as it read before, and hopefully, the revisions will auto publish themselves in a little while.

    Thanks for the great support so far, will make sure to review accordingly 🙂

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @patopaiar If you want to submit a ticket through our plugin site, I would like to see if I can recreate the missing Schedule Revision button caption. I’ll need to know your WP version, all plugin names and versions, and any other configuration steps needed to simulate your editor environment. The support form will guide you through submitting that information.

    Would be happy to do so!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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