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  • Curious if anyone else is having the same issue. I have never been able to get my scheduled posts to work since I switched to WordPress with 2.7. I have done all of the updates, and even tried disabling plugins, etc. I know others were having this issue in 2.7, and had read it would be fixed/ chron files and such. However, it still does not work. I have a regular blog as well – but scheduled posts work just fine over there. This is becoming problematic with how we post blogs and guest blogs….any suggestions?

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  • Hello KonaGirl,

    have you tried to upload the three files, which are part of the patch that miqrogroove mentioned? You may want to try them first and then see if you still can’t schedule posts or edit categories.


    I uploaded the patches, but had a problem with that for some reason the class-simplepie.php seemed to be caught in a loop and kept repeatedly uploading.

    After it uploaded and over wrote 5 times I stopped the ftp program. I went back to the blog and the scheduled post has posted, but I am still unable to correct or edit the categories.

    Anyone have a clue?



    thanks for the define code workaround. My host is one of those that blocks loopbacks as a ‘security’ measure and I’ve been manually setting up a CRON job but it wasn’t always working out great.

    Stupid question alert

    When WP is updated with patches e.g. I apply the 2.9.1 update does anyone know if the define entry be overwritten or can I just set and forget it?

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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