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  1. ontargetpro
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just updated to 3.0.3 from 3.0.1 and hoped this would fix the problem. I am using a multisite network, but I suspect that is not related.

    Scheduled posts are showing up as the title only. Automatic feeds to Facebook and Twitter do show the content, but when I go in to the post in the backend, the content box is empty and there is a note: There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave.

    I cannot automatically restore the post, but I can copy the post and paste it into the content box and update the post, restoring the body of the post. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I read that some were having trouble with Scheduled posts not appearing at all because they needed to change a setting in their cron.php file, so I tried that (increasing the timeout), but that didn't change anything.

  2. ontargetpro
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just discovered that this seems to only happen when using items from our "SourcedFrom" library, which pulls from a central rss feed and supplies blog posts that people can customize and publish to their blog.

    Perhaps it is just not possible to delay these posts?

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