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    WP 2.3.1
    GoDaddy hosted
    PHP 5.x
    MySQL 5.x
    EST Timezone (GMT-5)
    MST Server Timezone (GMT-7)
    MST MySQL Server Timezone (GMT-7)
    WLW 2008 (Build 12.00.1366.1026)

    I schedule a post for a future time and it does post on the correct day. In every single case it publishes the post 5 hours late. So a post set for 5:30a will not actually post until 10:30. When I look at the post data the post time is what I scheduled 5:30, but the entry for GMT shows the actual GMT time it posted, in this case 15:30. What is really odd is that the other two time entries in the DB for when the post was last modified shows the correct offset for instance the above post was last modified at 11:09 EST and it shows as 16:09 GMT.

    I cannot find a resolution in the forum even doing a site: specific search using Google, so that is why I am posting this here. Since it is the same issue achudnow has and it is still open I just added to his rather than opening another thread.

    One more note. immediately published posts show the correct time in post local and GMT fields.

    In the past I did not notice this behavior. I would write all my posts in the Admin panel and they would post at the scheduled time. I have since switched to Windows Live Writer. If I use WLW and do not edit the timestamp the post will publish normally. If I edit the timestamp to show a future date, the post will not publish at the scheduled time, but seems to offset the time by the current difference between my timezone and GMT. So in effect it is a 5 hour delay (ET zone). It happens every single time. What is weird is that the time in the wp_db is correct!

    If I subsequently go to the WordPress TinyMCE and edit the timestamp, or even just tick the checkbox the publish time is corrected.

    What I am not sure about is if this is a real problem with WLW or if there is a WordPress API issue. The only other external writer I have is Microsoft Word which I have set up to post to WordPress but I have never used. I will test with that. I do not have remote posting by email set up so I cannot test that but would be interested if someone else could test that scenario. I am not marking this resolved as the problem still exists, but reserve the right to mark it resolved later if I find that WLW is the only application that has this issue.

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  • I am going to mark this resolved. The problem still exists but it is a WLW issue as they manipulate the pubDate in their XML to match the date_created_gmt.

    It’s not an issue with WLW. There are several threads with people having the same problems, without using WLW. I had the same problem this morning on 2.5. No one is finding a resolution

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