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    Upgraded from WP 2.6.3 to WP 2.7 beta 2. I had about a dozen posts scheduled for publication. This has worked like a charm for a long time now.

    However, two days in a row posts were not published and I received a notification that the post had “missed schedule”. I had to manually change the post status to “draft”, save it, then change the date to an earlier date, save it, then change the date back to what it should have been, save it, and finally publish the post.

    I looked on the forum and tracker and can’t seem to find anything about this. There was an old thread on the tracker for 2.5/2.6 but it has been marked as resolved…

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  • I installed 2.6.3 and put in two future posts, upgraded to WordPress 2.7-beta2-9582 and the two posts ‘posted’ at the expected times.

    Do you have a backup of your database before you upgraded? Might be interesting to look at the ‘wp_options’ table and the ‘option_name’ of ‘cron’ to see if there are any “publish_future_post” declared in the ‘value’ field.

    Here’s the 2.7 values in the ‘cron’ option_name for future posts created in 2.7 beta:
    **Before any future posts:

    **One future post to publish:

    **Two future posts to publish:

    it seems to be working well for me too. faced some problems in pre beta 1 releases tho.

    Thanks for the answers. Still not working 🙁

    I have currently 10 posts scheduled to auto/future publish. The CRON option reads as below. I do have back-up of before upgrade, though not handy, have to wait till I get to my other computer to retrieve it. I’ll have to compare but this mostly looks like gobbledygook to me! It does appear to be listing 10 “publish_future_posts” though…


    In your wp_posts table what’s the post_date_gmt values for posts with IDs 913,929,928,922,920,960,935,932,954, and 957? It should be the date you want those posts published.

    Also, post_status should be “future” and post_type should be “post” on those 10 records.

    I made a separate topic about this but I wanted to also share my problems with scheduled posts. I have a photo blog where I set the pages to publish well in advance (in fact I had them set through the end of this year). I upgraded from 2.6 to 2.7 beta 2. The posts I have set to publish in the next week are fine, but anything after Nov. 19 is a blank post with no photo on it.

    yes, if you use plugin ” feedwordpress” , also it is . not immediately
    and the next day they are published…….

    I have instaled 2.72 beta and is bad:( after i publish a post that spaces dont let them clear…it is feel with the prevision post i completed…why??



    FWIW, posts set to publish later are now publishing. So, posts set to publish in the future before the upgrade had to manually published. Anything arranged after the upgrade is working fine.



    I’m experiencing the same problem, all my scheduled posts miss schedule, even the new ones.

    I’ve started with a brand new 2.7 install importing posts from a “previous life”, all of scheduled posts imported missed schedule.
    I’ve created new versions of those posts and also created a new off the cuff post to be published today. All of them show in the interface as “Missed Schedule”. I’m running 2.7-beta3-9851

    Any pointers ?

    Austin Passy


    Hmmm, seems like no help.. All have the same issues..

    None of my posts created after upgrading to 2.7 are publishing on scheduled. All get the “missed schedule” warning…

    hello harvey

    you are right.

    have you got any solution ? I am still searching…

    I have had the same problem since I upgraded to wordpress 2.7. None of my scheduled posts are being published. I have worked 4 days on this and tried everything I have seen recommended. Nothing fixes it. It is clear to me at this point this is a programming bug. Any hope of a fix out there?

    No solutions or fixes in sight yet 🙁

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